Going the Distance



My battery is dying
I’ll be back!

When you are doing long distance
it’s a heart attack.

Did you mean my time
or did you mean yours?

It gets confusing
when you have different time zones.

I have to go off-line
for most of the day.

No, please don’t
I have so much more I want to say.

I promise
I’ll meet you in my dreams.

When you are going the distance
you come together by any means.

I loved you once; for a minute

I loved you once
for a minute
maybe two

I loved you most
when you
weren’t you

I loved best
when you
couldn’t see
when you were
blind, deaf, and weak

When you fell
from your Ivory Tower
when you had

Zero Power

I loved you when
you needed a friend
but you laughed
and spit in my hand

Now I see you’re back
and living large
the man of the hour
the man in charge

Jet-setting across the sky
hitting the clubs
long into the night

Huge ego
bigger head
but I wonder honey
are you sleeping soundly
in that bed?

I used to love you
for a minute
maybe three
before you became
the you, you’ve come to be

I never wanted a white picket fence


I never wanted a white picket fence

nor to be held under false pretense

I don’t like restrictions of standards and norms

I always found those things to be bores

I wanted to hang with surfers and hippies

run with the free spirits and gypsies

the “in” crowd was never for me

with their small thinking and hypocrisy

I’ve never wanted causal routine

I’ve never asked for my life to be easy

I’m rather fond of it stirred up a bit

I like to cause some trouble, start some shit

I never asked for a white picket fence

I find that concept to be complete non-sense

I’m in love with his laugh

I’m in love with his laugh
it’s the greatest thing
but he made my heart stop
when I heard him sing

I don’t know
if he’s fully aware
with every little gift
he gives and he shares

he pulls me in closer
than I was before
rattles my senses
shakes me to the core

I’m in love with the way
that he cusses
when he gets mad
and he fusses

I just want
to give him a kiss
when he gets
all cranky and pissed

I’m in love
with his laughter
and the smile
that comes after

All Men Lie


I wrote this for my “little” girl five months ago. She’s done a lot of growing since then. I’ll just say she has leveled the playing ground and her crown sure isn’t falling ;)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


The other night my daughter cried
she said, mom, do all men lie
I said, yes baby
I’m afraid so

then, she cried some more,
after that she asked
but why, I don’t understand
I don’t either, my darling dear

all I know is the truth
and that is they will lie to you
they lie to get you in bed
and they lie to get you out

they lie about the color of sky
they lie about your damn eyes
they lie when they forget your name
they lie ’cause they’re playing the game

girl, men are gonna lie to you
there is not a fucking thing you can do
except look them straight in the eyes
and call them on their lies

and learn to play a better game
make the playing level the same
girl, those men are going to lie you
quit your crying
pick up…

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Summer Lovin’ ~ A Duet

Wet Bliss invited me to hang pool side with her. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that when Wet Bliss invites to hang, fun is sure to follow…

summer lovin

Listening to the stereo
perfect poolside scenario
beverages going down easy
making us feel kindda sleazy

Joyous summer vacations
gorgeous visual temptations
sun beating down on our skin
makes us both feel young again

Glistening skin adds stimulation
demanding closer exploration
taking off our bikini tops
easily slathering on sunblock

Splashing games in the pool
snickering like silly fools
it is boys against the girls
each side is looking to score

Girl on girl obsessive affections
get the men’s excited attentions
the look in their heated eyes
blatant bulge’s cannot tell a lie

Distracted from their losing game
smoothly maneuvers with new aim
drying off and pairing off
all of the clothing is dropped

Damp towels placed upon the ground
girls form a circle and kneel down
men presenting dripping crowns
squeals of delight all around

Sizzling fun under the sun
wanton girls begging “please cum”
onto our awaiting sun-kissed breasts
it’s a great day for a love fest

As you can see I had a great time hanging pool side with Wet Bliss, I’m so happy she invited me!!  If you have not been over to her site, you need to go check it out and read about her many other adventures.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll invite you someday ;)

The Womanizer


He is a pompous ass!

Old school

looking down his nose at women


making snide and inappropriate comments



lacking of giving and showing respect

He is a Jerk!

A womanizer,

belittling and diminishing everyone in his wake

bringing down everyone in his path so he feels better

riding his high horse, spewing obscenities at his minions

He is trash

He is a piece of shit.

He is the man sitting in my waiting room,

He is in the line at Starbucks

He is the guy giving me a quote to fix my car

He is everywhere…

and he is exactly why I wear a “fuck you” smile

and “suck my ass” attitude

He is the reason I never stop

He is the reason I never give up

He is the reason I work twice as hard as most

“why are you such a bitch?”

because He is out there watching,

waiting for me to fall

And I can’t give Him that kind of satisfaction



something old

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


These keys, these words are my release
I write to find some kind of peace

Do you feel as I stroke my keys
do you feel my words bleed

I hope so, because I stroke for you
I hope you feel each stroke I choose

Cum now, everyone likes a little stroke
they like a little lick and a gentle choke

And these are mine, just for you
so I am careful as I choose

With each touch we are heightened a little more
than the touch just seconds before

Each word draws us a little closer
until we start to lose our composure

Until eventually we give up and give in
our words end where our feelings begin

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Needing, Wanting and Waiting….For You


I need your smile
when mine is gone
when I am weak
I need you to be strong

I need you to push me
when I want to quit
to tell me keep moving
suck it up and zip-it

I need you to remind me
I’m more than what people see
I don’t believe anyone else
only you know how to explain it to me

I rely on your conversation
more everyday
I find myself hanging
on every word you say

I never liked waiting
on man, women or child
but somehow you make
the wait worthwhile

so I find myself doing
exactly what I said I wouldn’t do
needing, wanting
and waiting for you

Meet me in the hall


The morning is crazy
it’s been a mess
my mood is stressed
at best

meet me in the back
you know the place
use my body
give my mind a break

my skirt is loose
lift it high
I’m already dripping
down my thigh

I Want YOU now
push me up against the wall
fuck me hard
right here in this hall

hot throbbing
pulsating into me
erasing all

quiet my moans
with your mouth
my hands on you
run north to south

it’s easy, it’s simplicity
I just really want you
hurry, please meet me
if you want me too



Still no new words. Just staying happy :)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Most folks are about as happy as they choose to be

and I

choose to be happy.

Oh, but how can that be

you’ve been through hell and back

Yes, I have been Through

And, I have come back

the devil said

girl stay a while

I said, no devil

I choose to smile

I choose to share my love

I choose Blessings from above

I choose to be happy

it’s MY choice, you see

and Nobody

can take that from Me

no words, no thoughts, no deeds

from any other

my happiness is up to me

The same is true for all of You

you can choose the same thing too,

Your happiness is up to You!!!


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I no new words, just digging up old stuff :)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Would you be my superhero?

Would you be my bat?

I promise I would be

your very naughty


I think I may need saving.

Are you down with that?

Would you fly through the sky,

and save me from myself?

Would you hold me tight,

and look into my eyes?

Will you be my superhero?

Will you save my life?

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My Eyes

So I’m not the hugest Blake Shelton fan in the world.  But he’s cool, I’d have beer with him, he’s a funny guy.

However I am IN LOVE with this song!!  I mean really IN LOVE with it.  It has the perfect mix of everything I look for in a song.  Lyrically appealing; the music draws me in while holding me close, it spins and dips me and draws me back again.  Perfection.

Come a little closer…




How I want to feel on you


I want to be
your waking thought in the morning
the smile
that leaves your lips as you drift to sleep

I want to be the reason you stop talking
and just stare
and when you can’t breathe,
I want to be that gasp of air

I want to be the word
that you stumble upon
when you are trying to say things right
but they somehow come out wrong

When you think someone is watching
but you cannot see them there
that is just my presence
lingering on the air

I want to be your goosebumps
when you get a chill
I want to make your hair stand up
when you feel a thrill

When the breeze brushes over you
and whispers in your ear
I want my name to be
the only one you will hear

I want to be the raindrops
falling from above
flooding over your body
with my love

Tell Me More

He Said

tell me more

after all

isn’t that what we are here for

Tell me more

dig down deep

tell me why

tell me what it is that makes you sigh

Tell me

what it is that makes your heart beat

tell me

what keeps you awake

when you can’t sleep

dig down deep and give me more

Tell me

what your soul hungers for

what are you still in search of

Tell me

what is it you love

He said

Tell me more

dig down deep

tell me what makes

your heart beat



sad and happy
mountains and sea
comfort and suffering

here and there
far and near
hope and despair

wrong and right
grounded and flight
disillusion and delight

night and day
rest and play
ugliness and beauty

is where I’ll be
patiently waiting
for you to meet me