It was Uncomplicated then and it’s still Uncomplicated :)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

It is not complicated
rather, it is easy
he and me

far too easy
some days
we both agree

I mean,

minus the distance
minus the time zone
minus the blips with the phones

it is uncomplicated
for he and I
the way we do things

is just right
it fits
and it is nice

analytically it doesn’t
make a bit of sense

most would say
we are out of our heads
we don’t care

what others say
we do things our own way
we do it goofy

we do it fun
we do it silly, corny, and young
we take today

for what it is
we are happy to have it
and all it is

it’s not complicated
for he and I
we’re just happy

and we know why

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Impossible Equation

Now in past-tense
when I do the math
the equations all make sense

We took everything
far too literally
destroying every chance of you and me

It was over
before a thing could start
you unable to mend that forever bleeding heart
Me unwilling to
step in any direction at all
scared to death of consequences if I should fall

Too many variables
for our equation to compute
no possible outcome could equal me and you

Scratching my head
still looking at the math
I call the equation impossible
and file it in the past

My Review


I walk in your office
and shut the door
you grin at me and ask
“What are you here for”

“It’s time for my review
Dear Boss of mine”
letting my skirt fall to the floor
I ask, “do you have the time”

Your glance of approval
fills me with thrills
I kneel between your legs
to review, my oral skills

You stop me short
you are getting bossy with me
“sit upon the desk!
it’s time to review, That pussy”

Dripping wet
I beg of you
Please cum inside
for further review

The Boss, you are
but you concur with me
and evaluate my depths
for accurate functionality

Pleased with my performance
a bonus is promised me
your fingers bite into my ass
as you deposit your seed

My review is a success
my Boss now relaxed
an offer of lunch
as you help me dress

Our Bath


What another wonderful, exciting, exhilarating, bathing (I mean writing) experience with Mr. Nottooold2.

Originally posted on Insecurely Confident:

A duet by:  nottooold2 and bruisedbelly

Our Bath

Warm water cascading down
your body covered in soap
how I love to watch you bathe
bubbles fill my mind with hope
I love your eyes on me
but what I’d love even more
climb in the tub with me
I want to caress YOUR form
Feeling your hand grasping me tightly
stroking with feverish pace
hand working like hell
but your eyes are locked on my face
Nothing brings me more pleasure
than giving pleasure to you
with you looking at me like that
that’s the only thing I want to do
Your focus on me intoxicates
losing myself in your grasp
with single minded focus
I shutter and gasp
My eyes shine with delight
as I smile with your release
now give me a big hug
and kiss me, please
- Thank for sharing a bath with me BB.  :)

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Will You?

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

will you

Will you
awaken in me dreams that sleep
Will you touch in me
depths so deep

Will you open my eyes
so I may see
Will you hold me close
and comfort me

Will you tell me stories
and write me rhymes
Will you sing me lyrics
and dance in time

Will you oil me up
and rub my back
Will you calm my nerves
when anxiety attacks

Will you sit with me
on stormy nights
pull me close
when the lightning strikes

Will you nap with me
in the afternoon
make smoking hot love
then after, spoon

Will you carry me
to distant shores
Will you, will you
make me yours?

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This Smile is for You


This smile that is new
It starts in my toes
all through my body
it goes and it grows

It’s light and bright
and makes me giggle
the smile you give me
can hardly be legal

I should be ashamed
of the constant misuse
I smile so much
it’s almost abuse

I smile in my dreams
I smile when I wake
I smile when we talk
about the cookies you bake

I smile in shower
even while getting dressed
I smile while doing the stuff
you like the best

I smile all the time
it’s hard to believe
this big giant smile
from a crab-ass like me

but what can I say
and what can I do
this smile on my face
this smile, is for you

The Visual In My Head


The day may change, but the visual remains…

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


It’s all up in my head
it is on my mind
I am thinking about it
all the time

The visual you planted
like a seed has grown
so now it has
a life of its own

the thought of you
inside of me
is what I currently
find so enticing

I gasp
I hold my breath
I bite my lip
as I close my eyes

I run my fingers
on my thighs
I touch myself
while I think of you

maybe you can feel it too
my nips are hard
my pulse racing fast

I am not sure
how long I will last

because I know at this moment
you feel the same thing
I know at this moment
we have the same wanting

and I’d much rather be
touching you
but touching myself
will have to do

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When I Think Of Him This Way


I want his hands on me
my mind wanders tirelessly
creating scenarios all the time
perfect, beautiful, sublime

I want to be kissing his lips
run my hands from chest to hips
close my eyes and take me there
distance and time disappear

I want to wake, curled up with him
pressed together entwined limbs
if only dreams were reality
I’d snuggle him closer to me

I want to cuddle-fuck all day
forgive me if it’s too much to say
but my mind wanders and gets away
when I think of him this way



He asked
if I felt spunky today,
I giggled shyly
what more could I say?
Then I sent him pic
with a kiss and a wink,
and little lace panties
of glittery pink.
Perhaps, this will answer
the question for you!!
But what is a shy girl
all alone to do??
He sent me back
an idea
or two (wink, wink)

Far Too Long ~ A Duet


Far Too Long ~ A Duet by Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

It has been too long my dear
far too long
too long since I last touched your skin
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my love
far too long
too long since I last held your hand
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my dear
far too long
too long since I last caught your scent
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my love
far too long
too long since I last kissed your lips
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my love
far too long
too long since I last touched your cheek
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my sweet
far too long
too long since I last heard your voice

This writing is depressing me
it’s time for donuts and coffee
it’s time for meeting halfway
fuck far too long, what do ‘ya say??

It has been far too long since Mr. Nottooold2 and I have, ummm, written together ;) and we are about ready to explode!!! We make no apologizes for any of the writing that you may encounter today, we are far overdue. XO to everyone who continues to enjoy reading our ridiculous and wonderful fantasies.

If you are a newcomer and you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Nottooold2‘s blog site Insecurely Confident, please go have a visit, he has a little of something for everyone.  I give him a big thumbs up and 10 stars and all that shit :D

He makes me want to make promises, and keep them


He makes me want
more feeling
more touch
more time

He makes me want
to live
to breathe
to die

He makes me want
to wake up early
to stay up late
to laugh and cry

He makes me want
to walk
to run
to drive

To hold his hand
see his smile
kiss his lips
be by his side

He makes me want
to make promises
and to keep them
for the rest of my life

My Next Life


Just letting my mind wonder…

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I never thought I’d want this life to end
to be over and be through
but now I’m in a hurry
just to spend the next with you

My next life will be different
I’ll plan it from the start
I’ll meet you early on
and we’ll never ever part

We’ll do all those things
we’re forever talking of
drinking beer and watching baseball
because those are things we love

I can sit and chatter on
about all the things we’ll do
but some things are best
just kept between me and you

Yes, my next life will be different
I’ll plan it from the start
it’s just the waiting will be hard
while we are apart

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Fuck You, she says


Fuck You
she cried
because she’s pissed
and she doesn’t know why
is she mad
at herself

or at him
she is not sure
she doesn’t know where to begin
she doesn’t know where
to end either
so she just sits
and is pissed at this feeling
that is beneath her

Fuck You
she screams
right into the air
as if
the air
would bother to care

Then she laughs
because there is nothing else
left to do
she is pissed at herself
she is pissed at him

but she doesn’t know why
she couldn’t explain if she tried
so she laughs
until she cries
Fuck you, she says
to her stupid thoughts
she wisps them away
then she goes and gets
a shot!

The Haunting of Me

I am awakened, with a sudden jolt
goosebumps, from head to toe
outside thunder and lightning bolts

Downing in my own sweat
I shiver, I shake
in the uncomfortable mixture of hot, cold wet

The darkness is so bright
it burns my eyes
blinding me, in the dead of this night

The silence is deafening
in the quiet, my mind screams
I hear a faint, coarse breathing

“Who is it, who is here?”
“Guess who?” is the evil reply
as I am suddenly filled with fear

Frozen, unable to move
griped by fright compounded over time
I stare into the nothingness of the room

“How did you get here, where are you from?”
his laugh grows stronger now
“Please women, don’t play dumb!”

“You left the door open, you invited me in
you cried in the night
you begged for this sin”

The evil and the hissing continue on
as I lay listening
to my condemnation song

Finally he saunters
to the side of my bed
lays his grotesque hands upon my head

He whispers, softly into my ear
sleep now child
and awake with renewed fear

For I will visit you again each night
playing in the shadows of your mind
sleep now child, sleep tight, sleep tight

Joy Ride


dripping wet
nipples hard
naughty thoughts
caught off guard

wet pants removed
skin to skin
this is how
we begin

lock the door
have a seat
in your lap
I’ll find my treat

my dress flows
over your thighs
your gift is for me
not wandering eyes

a day in the office
while it rains outside
we don’t mind
we’ll take a joy ride

Sometimes It’s Hard To Look At You

Sometimes it’s hard to look at you

Oh, but how I love to

A picture of you lights my soul on fire

love, lust, want, need, greed, guilt, desire

and every other emotion is stirred within

I long to hold you, skin touching skin

I lean in close for a gentle embrace

to kiss your lips and caress your face

but I am abruptly stopped by a stupid screen

I am pulled into reality, from my day-dream

I remember your eyes, your face, your hair

I still feel the weight of your tempting stare

I remember your breath on my skin

every time I see you, I long to feel it again

I see your hands, I long for them to touch me

I wish for your arms to give me a squeeze

It is hard for me to look at you sometimes

each picture is a sling-shot of emotion to my mind

The Thoughts Of You

They come unplanned,
the thoughts of you.
They come when
I haven’t the slightest clue.

They come with a word, a song
or a face.
Today a question
was the case.

So my mind wanders
and drifts away,
my mind re-lives
the entire day.

This is often
when I go black,
when the memories
come flooding back.

When I can feel
every last little kick,
when I remember
all of it.

When I cast the blame upon myself,
because it was
you and me,
there wasn’t anyone else.

I play re-wind
over and over again.
Then I re-wind it back,
just to play it again.

The thoughts of you
come unplanned,
like a bullet wound
to my head.

I cannot grasp
the severity,
when thoughts of you
inundate me.

He Touches Me


He touches me
down the length of my back
caressing slow

I feel him
run his fingers through my hair
smooth, gentle flow

I hear his voice
whispering in my ear
eager, soft, low

I feel his desire
filling my entire being
warmly, it grows

He touches me
with every breath I breathe
yet, nobody knows