One Day


One day she was lost
so she sat down to the keys
she typed some words
and she felt some release

She didn’t have a vision
she didn’t have a clue
she just knew she sick and tired
of feeling sad and feeling blue

She didn’t know about likes
she didn’t know about shares
she didn’t have an idea
that anyone would care

She didn’t know she’d find herself
written in each phrase
she didn’t know her thoughts inside
could manifest onto a page

She didn’t know it would matter
all the feelings she held on to
she never would have thought to share
any of these things with anyone new

One day she sat down
she threw out all reserve
took a deep long breath
and turned her feelings into words

He Knows How To Talk To Me


Each and Every Day!!

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


He knows how to talk to me
he keeps it real, honest, and sexy
he uses words that excite me
continually soiling my panties

He likes it when I tell him as much
that I am wet and I want his touch
he wants to hear what I do to myself
when I think of him and no one else

I like the way he sets me on fire
it comes in waves, this desire
crashing over my entirety
completely engulfing all of me

Yeah, he knows how to talk to me
my mind, my soul, my body
he knows to talk in such a way
to really make me want to stay

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I so seldom follow it

I give very good advice
but I so seldom follow it
lift your head princess
your crown is falling

I told doubt and fear
to get outta this place
took a nice long look
at that scar on my face

painted on my
fuck you attitude
drank a cup of
doing what I gotta do

pressed rewind
pressed replay
got dressed
and ready for the day

whatever happens
it will always be okay
and waylaid

I give myself very good advice
but I so seldom follow it
today I think I may finally
chin up and swallow it

Stop the Comparison


“Be the person you dreamed you’d be” – what a wonderful concept :)

Originally posted on The Remnants of a Poet; A Serenade of Sorrows:

Too many are afraid to have their creativity unleashed
The blame lies with this society’s deceit
An illusion that creativity holds no place in minds “uncanny”
That only a few shall succeed, never the many

Their words they deem inadequate
Their opinions hidden for they may be judged
And so we raise a nation of mutes
Where fear of judgement equals a gunshot

Drain your heart for inspiration
Use the power of one’s conflagration
For the sake of originality
Be the person you dreamed you’d be

Art is not meant to be compared
It is there for souls laid bare

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sometimes pizza makes me sad

It’s not something I usually do
but today
I lied to you

I was feeling down
I was feeling small
you knew the truth
you knew it all

You read me easy
from far away
you read me easy
what words can’t say

A feeling for which explanation
can’t be found
I’ve tried
but I don’t know how

So I brush it away
I shrug it off
not to discount
not to sound gruff

Yep, I’m okay
no, I’m not
I can’t explain it
so I let it drop

So I’m sorry
I lied to you like that

The truth is
pizza makes me sad

I Am A Statistic


Because the topic of Statistics came up.

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

I am a statistic

I am a number

you know

the numbers we brush away

under the counter

one of four

easy to ignore

but I’m here to say

we don’t go away

we are in every crowd

and we stand proud

we stand tall

we will not fall

we will advocate

we will NOT break

Yes, I am a statistic

I am a number

I am a beautiful strong dignified women

I am sexually aware, fulfilled, accepting and giving

I am NOT broken nor am I a victim

But I’ll be damned if I will turn a blind eye to crimes committed to others.

Sexual Violence Statistics

1 in 3 American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime. (George Mason University, Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, 2005)
1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be sexually assaulted before the age…

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Words and the Female Mind Reprised


This is not a feminist post.

Originally posted on Underground Energy:

Brought to you by:

Bruised Belly @ The Migraine Chronicles

Maddie Walsh @ 1Earthunite

Lisa Ojanpera @ Underground Energy

Johnny Ojanpera

This is not a feminist post. I would also like to add that this post is not addressing sexual preference in any way. This is a post to encourage women to love who they are as a person regardless of the challenges that we face in life. This entire idea was spawned by Bruised Belly (BB) when she wrote the article Words and The Female Mind.

Dress Length

Dress Length

BB and I are very similar in that we both would love to see a coming together of men and women on equal terms. We have had a matriarch society and it failed. We are currently watching the patriarch society fail. I don’t believe it is a matter so much of putting aside our differences, but coming together with our…

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Talking about my baby

He speaks to me in a language
my soul knows so well
I smile on the inside
as my heart begins to swell

His eyes don’t look at me
but rather, into my core
I don’t know how I lived without that
but I don’t want to, anymore

Those eyes are soft and gentle
as if he’s known my face all along
I could sit and stare back at him
all day or all night long

His smile a ray of sunshine
I know he saves for me
nothing in the world compares
to a smile, from my baby

Girls Like Us


Digging in the vault – Thought this might be fitting. To all my Sister Girls ;)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

i don't know
Girls like us
are not born
we are built
on the shreds of broken pieces
that have been left behind by

ex – lovers

we are glued together
with lies from our past

girls like us stand tall and strong
on the foundation of
OUR truth

girls like us say
fuck you
fuck me
fuck them
we’ll fucking see

girls like us
want it all
we do not believe in
No, Won’t and Can’t

we do not
make love

girls like us
play for keeps
we love hard
for real
and all the way
our love is a burning blistering need
running through our veins

girls like us
don’t need you
if we want you, we really want you
and we will tell you
lucky you

girls like us
on bars
on tables
whenever we can, as much as we can

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A Poet’s Prayer

Lord I pray,

Please let my words build someone up today.

Don’t let them hurt

don’t let them cut,

please only let them lift somebody up.

Let my gift be good

let my gift be kind

let it be so much more than words and rhyme.

Let connections be made

let emotions run amuck,

this is how I’ll know that I don’t truly suck.

Tell Her


I’m re-blogging this as a special request (first request for a reblog ever). And I might add, Ladies, go ahead and Tell Him as well!!! He needs to know :)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Tell her!

tell her you love her smile

tell her –  her eyes sparkle

tell her she makes you laugh

tell her she is in your dreams

tell her she is why you can’t sleep

tell her she is in every song you hear

tell her –  that curl on her face,

tell her it lays in the perfect place

tell her that her lips look delicious

tell her you want to kiss them

tell her you want to hold her tight

tell her you want to –  tonight

tell her you want to see her without makeup

in the morning

when you wake up next to her

tell her

she needs to know

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Our Red Thread ~ A Duet


A Duet by Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

Our situation is limited, we know
yet we still choose it, and so
we cherish every second we get
about limitations, we don’t fret

It isn’t perfect by any stretch
each other’s drift we always “cetch”
make up words to suit our needs
this connection, desire feeds

Limited by space and time
connecting with words and rhyme
amazed by the similarities
happy being US, just WE

Simultaneous thoughts in our mind
never search for words to find
verbal liquid from our tongue
as flowing lyric beautifully sung

Some see a hurdle we see a leap
we swim across what others find too deep
limitations cannot break this connection
every hiccup just deepens our affection

“A Chinese proverb says an invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangled, but can never be broken.”

If you’ve read my page, you have probably already read Mr. Nottooold2’s work as we write together often.  If you have not been over to his page, Insecurely Confident, I do encourage you to go have a visit and read his independent writings.   He does offer a little bit of everything and is sure to keep you entertained.



One word can plant a seed. Why not grow pretty things?!

Originally posted on Wet Bliss :

Constant doubt consumes
Tendrils take hold and grow strong
Snuffing self-esteem
Shattering our waking dreams
With silent ear piercing screams


Inspired by the ladies on WP today… Words are hurtful and damaging, but we (women) are strong and resilient and will prevail.


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I Felt It Again Tonight….


Another reminder of how words can cut deep and how long they do stay with us.

Originally posted on MsTranquility:

Those damn words

That haunt me in my sleep

Make me doubt myself

My faith

My abilities

Down to my very core

Those ugly words

That chill down my spine

And spill forth my tears

I remembered them all

And as I stood looking

At my slumped over

Depressed reflection

Tears teetered in my eyes

One drop escaped its confines

And rolled down my flushed cheeks

It was weighted down

With worries


And the memories

It wished to cleanse away

One lone tear looking back at me

From the mirror

And when I reached under

The counter to pull out

A tissue box

I could do nothing but smile

Because upon the box read

These words:




“Timeless”, “Serenity”, “Beauty”





“No other”

If that wasn’t a sign

From the One who

Loves ME

I don’t know what is

I knew I was ‘OK’

That I would be ‘OK’


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Words and the Female Mind

I just want to take a few moments to discuss how the female mind works in relationship to words.  Especially words regarding physical appearance.  I’ve had plenty of other post recently relating to beauty and thought this might be a decent tie-in.  Of course this is my own opinion and I cannot speak for every female who walks this earth, but these thoughts seem to be the general consensus I assure you.

So I’ll make it pretty simple for all the guys who don’t already understand this concept.  If someone tells a girl she is beautiful once she will hear it but not understand it.  If you tell her twice, she will hear it, but not understand it.  And so on and so on.  You are going to have to tell a women she is beautiful probably 50 to 100 times before she starts to believe you.  Also know that she will only believe that the person who told her this, thinks this way, she will not believe that this is a truth about her.  That is a whole other process that can only be taught from female to female.  Sorry guys.  This is the same for pretty, smart, kind, or any other non-derogatory words.

Now on the other hand, if someone tells her she is ugly, dumb, fat or any other derogatory statement just once, she will believe that for the rest of her life.  Not only will she believe it, she will relive that moment she heard it and she will rethink it and build on it over and over again and again.

Even strong females do this.  We say we don’t but we do.  Those nasty mean words pierce right through our amour and tear us down for years to come.  Even the kindest, strongest most wonderful men we meet years later will have to work hard to stitch up that tiny place where that one word pierced us.

And I could go on, but I won’t.  I just wanted to give everyone some real insight from a real girl about real words.

By the way, I think you are all beautiful!!  Each and every one of you, and I thank you all for your support and kindness, always.