Still no new words. Just staying happy :)

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Most folks are about as happy as they choose to be

and I

choose to be happy.

Oh, but how can that be

you’ve been through hell and back

Yes, I have been Through

And, I have come back

the devil said

girl stay a while

I said, no devil

I choose to smile

I choose to share my love

I choose Blessings from above

I choose to be happy

it’s MY choice, you see

and Nobody

can take that from Me

no words, no thoughts, no deeds

from any other

my happiness is up to me

The same is true for all of You

you can choose the same thing too,

Your happiness is up to You!!!


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I no new words, just digging up old stuff :)

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Would you be my superhero?

Would you be my bat?

I promise I would be

your very naughty


I think I may need saving.

Are you down with that?

Would you fly through the sky,

and save me from myself?

Would you hold me tight,

and look into my eyes?

Will you be my superhero?

Will you save my life?

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My Eyes

So I’m not the hugest Blake Shelton fan in the world.  But he’s cool, I’d have beer with him, he’s a funny guy.

However I am IN LOVE with this song!!  I mean really IN LOVE with it.  It has the perfect mix of everything I look for in a song.  Lyrically appealing; the music draws me in while holding me close, it spins and dips me and draws me back again.  Perfection.

Come a little closer…




How I want to feel on you


I want to be
your waking thought in the morning
the smile
that leaves your lips as you drift to sleep

I want to be the reason you stop talking
and just stare
and when you can’t breathe,
I want to be that gasp of air

I want to be the word
that you stumble upon
when you are trying to say things right
but they somehow come out wrong

When you think someone is watching
but you cannot see them there
that is just my presence
lingering on the air

I want to be your goosebumps
when you get a chill
I want to make your hair stand up
when you feel a thrill

When the breeze brushes over you
and whispers in your ear
I want my name to be
the only one you will hear

I want to be the raindrops
falling from above
flooding over your body
with my love

Tell Me More

He Said

tell me more

after all

isn’t that what we are here for

Tell me more

dig down deep

tell me why

tell me what it is that makes you sigh

Tell me

what it is that makes your heart beat

tell me

what keeps you awake

when you can’t sleep

dig down deep and give me more

Tell me

what your soul hungers for

what are you still in search of

Tell me

what is it you love

He said

Tell me more

dig down deep

tell me what makes

your heart beat



sad and happy
mountains and sea
comfort and suffering

here and there
far and near
hope and despair

wrong and right
grounded and flight
disillusion and delight

night and day
rest and play
ugliness and beauty

is where I’ll be
patiently waiting
for you to meet me

The Party Last Night

He wasn’t invited
to the party last night
but he was there

and although his face wasn’t in my sight

he was
the music I heard
the pictures I saw
the words repeated to me
he was even in the flames
of the fire dancing so beautifully

at one point I heard him whisper my name
it came drifting on the breeze
it was perfect timing of course
because of my anxiety

and I promise you this
I reached my hand back
to grab his
but all I caught was the mist

sometimes I dream when my eyes
are open wide
that’s what I did
at the party last night

Dream On It


We are going to dream on it
we are going to lay in bed
together alone

cuddled up close
through the screens of our phones

we will dream the rest of this day away
dream of the games
we’ve yet to play

dream of tomorrow
next week and next year
dream of the stories
we have yet to hear

snuggled all comfy
with him in my head
he is dreaming away
in his bed

and we dream of the dreams
that are still to come
dream of the happy
and the fun

as I dream
my hand reaches for you

are you dreaming
and reaching



I want to tiptoe gently like a light summer breeze

pounce on you fast and bring you to your knees

I want eyelash wishes and butterfly kisses

nibbling and sucking and umm, delicious

I want ribbons and curls and pretty things

to be tied up with rope and strings

I want a little flowing soft lace dress

crotchless panties and your caress

I want to blush shyly at naughty thoughts

squeal in delight when I see your cock

I want you to take me down gently slow and soft

throw me against the wall hard and rough

I want sweet sugar candy delight

spicy hot, surprise, surprise


Don’t Forget To Touch Yourself


“Don’t forget to touch yourself”

little words he says to me

like he has to remind me

to do these things

like I don’t go back and read each word I may have missed

like I don’t replay conversations in my head

like I don’t remember everything he has said

like I don’t chastise myself for the words I didn’t say

or how I could have said it a different way

like I don’t notice every single little thing

everything said, read, and unseen

like my mind isn’t always going too fast

even when it is at rest

and my body isn’t in constant turmoil

from his heat and his fire

and how he makes my blood boil

and as I write that

I giggle out loud

because my body is already

where my brain is not

and I love him for reminding me

self-love helps calm the mind tremendously



He doesn’t like games
that’s what he said
but I do

naked twister
and hide the salami
to name just two

I like swimming
late at night
when nary a swimsuit
is in sight

I like playing
tag, you’re it
but you have to tag me
with a kiss

and how about
connect my dots
if it leads you
to the right spot

I like cute little pet names
I like to play games

Doubt, Fear

I feel you trying to sneak in



I feel you

but you have no home here

you have broken me before

you’ve stolen happiness from me

but this time I’m in control

I won’t give up that easily

I feel your presence

I know you’re near



but go on, hit the road

you are not welcome here

I Don’t Miss You


It’s that time of year when I think of you

but I’m not missing you

I’m not missing you

I miss the beach

the smell of the ocean

I miss the nights

I miss the freedom

I miss the feeling you gave to me

you felt like home but you felt like free

I miss your friendship most of all

but we took that chance when we took the fall

so now it’s the time of year when I think of you

but I don’t miss you

I don’t miss you


Internal Noise


Shut up!
Shut up, please
can’t you see you are killing me
I can’t hear myself think
I don’t know what you are saying to me
do this
don’t do that
remember what happened in the past
think about the future
but live for today
really, I can’t decipher what the voices say

I play my music dangerously loud
to try to drown the voices out
they are louder than my music still
they are in my mind like a constant drill
I want to turn off my phone
but I am afraid to be alone
I stay busy and work non-stop
the internal noise
starts to drop

until the second my mind starts to slow
then the noise is back
and I know
I have lost
the voices have won
this is what I have become
a living breathing battle within
I sit back and let the noise win

He broke my heart, when he said Hello


He broke my heart when he said
they always do
you know

especially the good ones
you know, the really good guys
they break your heart
every single time

they sneak right up
and rip it out of you
it’s over and done
before you have a clue

it’s not the plan
it’s not what they had in mind
but still it happens
every single time

I think they are surprised
I think they are overwhelmed
to look into their hand
and see this beating heart

to see this thing of beauty
so fragile and so true
right there in their hand
not knowing what to do

sometimes I fear for the good guys
with all these broken hearts
I pray they don’t get discouraged
that they don’t fall apart

as for me
my heart was broken the second he said hello
but I let him say it anyway
it’s okay
I know how to sew

The Re-Building Of Me


he wasn’t scared
he didn’t care
he smashed all my walls
then sat back
and watched them fall

so now when my bricks
cause me to trip
he lends me a hand
so I don’t slip

if I complain and fuss
about my past
and other stuff
he picks up my bricks
and hands them to me
we put them where
my spine should be

he is not scared
he doesn’t give a damn
he likes me for me
and who I am

my pile is getting smaller
day by day
my back gets stronger
so to him I say

Thank You
for smashing and crashing
for me

Thank You
for continuing to re-build me

My Tits ~ An Inspired Story

My tits they sit upon chest
with nothing much to do
but boys it seems
they sure mean a lot to you

even the girls want a feel
every now and then
that’s okay with me
they aren’t simply toys for men

but please when talking to me
look into my eyes
you see my tits won’t answer you
I hope that’s no surprise

my tits come in handy
when needing service fast
and of course for beauty
my tits are unsurpassed

if I lift my shirt
the drinks are always free
but I get really angry
if you take a pic of me

my tits have made men happy
perhaps a few men cry
the moral of this story is
they are my tits
and about them I’m not shy