Morning’s Tender


He gives me too much credit! We “nudge” each other, its balance.
Once again, a beautiful writing experience with Mr. Nottooold2.
Neither of us gets to write as much as we’d like to these days, so getting to share a writing experience is especially cherished.

Originally posted on Insecurely Confident:

A duet by nottooold2 and bruisedbelly.


In dappled sunlight, morning’s dream

Sweet beginning, last night’s steam

Blankets askew, sheets asunder

Dawn so tranquil, Midnight’s thunder


To touch your cheek, a smile does bloom

Daylight minds adrift, in dark they did consume

Passion’s scent, on air does linger

On sweet moist lips, does dance a finger


Eyes flicker open, see your smiling face

Snuggle in closer, my lovers embrace

Breathe you in, bring night to morn

Savor this moment, treasure not mourn


Slight blush to cheeks, a giggle too

Recalling those things, we secretly do

Thunder of night, bring mornings tender

From lightning bolt, to sweetest surrender


Lay with me dear, so close and serene

To worship you as, a king to his queen

Ruling our world, this bed for a throne

Apart or together, but never alone


With heavenly kisses, on skin my lips dance

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It’s been awhile

since you’ve fully expressed

just how you feel

about my breast

That’s a lie

you just did this morning

I just wrote it

‘cuz it sounds, so corny


and anyway

my darling dear

what I really want to say

You make me smile

when you mention

my cleavage

so I just breathe deeply

so you see

more heavage

While My Mind Contemplates

It was cold as fuck
sitting in that room
every face
a look of doom

No cell phone
no electronic device
not a word uttered
that, was quit nice

Thoughts a plenty
running through my mind
a sly little smile
from time to time

Jotting words down
in my trusty notebook
across the table
just dopey sad looks

Hurry up
sit and wait
sit and wait
while my mind

He (she, me, you, we)

HE condemns me
but I wonder
does he
pray for me

Does he
get down on his knees
pray for

He condemns
the evil he sees
on the TV screen
from the heart
the inner city

has he
ever fed the hungry
showed mercy
to those in need

this is just
the bleeding heart in me
would be

the change
wish to see

When You Are Dead

He killed her, though not with his hands

Yet, over time, he strangled her to death

The squeeze, just a little tighter each time

Until finally, she gave up, and died

There was no funeral, nor no wake

There was no place, her body did lay

It wandered around, an empty shell

She continued on, she may as well

He was never arrested, he never did time

A walking dead body proves no crime

And so it went on, continued and such

When you are dead, nothing, really means much


Too Much??

I have so little time to write

even less, I think, to say

if you wonder

why is that


I’m on the positive side

of okay

In fact

I’m damn good

too good, some might say

but I quit giving a shit about too much

and that’s why, I have this smile upon my face

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And Yet —

Originally posted on No Talent For Certainty:

Our hearts will wander where they will
In valleys dark, of cruel heartache,
And avalanche that makes them break;
And yet they’re beating, beating still

Our hearts will wander where they will
Through partnerships that fade away,
Slow death that crushes them each day;
But yet they’re beating, beating still

Our hearts will wander where they will,
Sore trials they will undergo,
Encased in people they don’t know;
And yet —
They’re beating,

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When You Are Falling…

When you are falling
into that hole
that dark place

you know the one
you’ve built it yourself
you’ve darkened it
you’ve dug it deep

and deeper still

and you are falling fast…

You are trying not to
You are reaching for the edges
can’t quite grasp

You are screaming for help
but the words
won’t leave your mouth

You feel yourself fall
and you are afraid
you don’t want to go there

your chest tightens
your heart beats
before you know it
the ground is gone from under
your feet

and alone
you weep

I never wanted a white picket fence


the same as it ever was

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I never wanted a white picket fence

nor to be held under false pretense

I don’t like restrictions of standards and norms

I always found those things to be bores

I wanted to hang with surfers and hippies

run with the free spirits and gypsies

the “in” crowd was never for me

with their small thinking and hypocrisy

I’ve never wanted causal routine

I’ve never asked for my life to be easy

I’m rather fond of it stirred up a bit

I like to cause some trouble, start some shit

I never asked for a white picket fence

I find that concept to be complete non-sense

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She Knows Him By Heart


She knows him by heart
she has from the start

sure, her eyes have memorized
the curves of his face
and her ears hear
his voice on replay

her body remembers
the warmth of his touch
and her arms miss him
so very much

but it’s her heart
that fills in all the places
in between

the ones that
will never be seen

it’s her heart that knows
his every breath
that reaches for him
while still pulling back

it’s her heart that knows
he’s been here all along
he may be away
but he never is gone

she knows him by heart
both his and hers
it may sound silly
but it’s just how this works

Needing, Wanting and Waiting….For You


Forever the same…
worth it!

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I need your smile
when mine is gone
when I am weak
I need you to be strong

I need you to push me
when I want to quit
to tell me keep moving
suck it up and zip-it

I need you to remind me
I’m more than what people see
I don’t believe anyone else
only you know how to explain it to me

I rely on your conversation
more everyday
I find myself hanging
on every word you say

I never liked waiting
on man, women or child
but somehow you make
the wait worthwhile

so I find myself doing
exactly what I said I wouldn’t do
needing, wanting
and waiting for you

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I Can’t Pull My Eyes Away

And I cannot pull my eyes away

there is something about your face

so gentle, soft and serene

beckoning and calling to me

I want to trace each inch of your flesh

first with my fingers, then my lips

I want to lay my cheek upon your chest

then nuzzle into your neck

whisper into your ear

“Good Morning My Dear”

I want to melt right into you

the way that lovers do

it’s just the way you look today

I can’t pull my eyes away

My Jealously Gets The Best Of Me


those sheets, oh those lucky sheets…

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

I am jealous of the red pen you use to write

I’m jealous of the pillow you dream on at night

I get jealous of the seat that warms your buns

Even jealous of the moon and the sun

The shower water that washes over your skin

Darling that is just where I begin

Morning coffee as it hits your lips

The cold crisp air giving you a kiss

Your sheets rubbing against your legs

The razor that gives your neck a shave

The breeze blowing gently through your hair

Pool water touching you everywhere

The mirror looking deep into your eyes

And I am even jealous of the night

The hours that take you away from me

When you dream when you sleep

Your phone that sees your smiling face

Your steering wheel that gets your hand’s embrace

I’m just a silly romantic girl

Jealous of the little things…

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Meet me in the hall


yeah, that

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


The morning is crazy
it’s been a mess
my mood is stressed
at best

meet me in the back
you know the place
use my body
give my mind a break

my skirt is loose
lift it high
I’m already dripping
down my thigh

I Want YOU now
push me up against the wall
fuck me hard
right here in this hall

hot throbbing
pulsating into me
erasing all

quiet my moans
with your mouth
my hands on you
run north to south

it’s easy, it’s simplicity
I just really want you
hurry, please meet me
if you want me too

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