Black Dot – The Flight ~A Duet


A great big giant Thank You to the ever wonderful Wet Bliss for taking control of this final piece!!! XO
I found this one to be very difficult personally as I am still learning to fly (oh, hell, I can barely walk).

Originally posted on Wet Bliss:

A Duet by Bruised Belly and Wet Bliss

Part III of a Three Part Series

The Lie ~ Part I

The Escape ~ Part II


The moon has never looked so bright
Shining on her this beautiful night
As she drives she thinks she might
Just spread her wings and take flight

Though she is scared of what may come
She doesn’t look back, what’s done is done
She wishes on a star, prays to heaven
Takes a deep breath, gets to living

Swiping away the tears she’s cried
She pushes her fear and doubts aside
To claim life with a new found pride
No longer ashamed with bruises to hide

She won’t lie, each day it’s a struggle
Cause emotional scars are hard to juggle
But she’s thankful for the daily troubles
That reminds her to dig through the rubble

Each step forward, the smallest victory
Smiling to herself…

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This is how it goes…

It’s the middle of the day

Late afternoon

My thoughts have drifted to you

I’ve become uncomfortable in my seat

Wet thighs both excite and irritate me

My nipples are hard under my dress

My mind wanders, I catch my breath

The phone rings, bringing me to real-time

I stall, as I’m

Lost in my current fantasy

So close to climatic ecstasy

The phone is relentless, it rings again

I pause, for the moment….

Now… back to pretend

The Blogger Interview Tag


A humble Thank You to my old friend over at The Lightening and The Fire for nominating me for The Blogger Interview.

Here are the rules:

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions in full
* Don’t forget to tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

The questions:

How did you get into blogging?
Quite by accident, and to prove a point actually (those of you who know me well, know that I kind of have a problem with this).  A friend of mine writes poetry and I continue to tell him that he needs to publish or at least get it online.  He told me over and over again how difficult it was to do that.  Well, I just didn’t take that answer laying down and started my own poetry blog, and here I am.  By the way, he still hasn’t put a single piece online, that stubborn ass ;)

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
Write from your heart, and write for yourself.  If you are writing to please others you will get your heart-broken.  People can be real assholes.  People can also be real Angels.  Learn to either know the difference or to be indifferent, or you will get your heart-broken.

What would be your dream campaign?
Does “Be the change you wish to see” sound to cliché’?

Do you have a plan for your blog
Just write.  I hope to continue to collaborate, I love to write with others.

What do you think about rankings?
I used to be really into stats, but now I really don’t care.

I would love to nominate these wonderful writers at the following blogs:

Insecurely Confident

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I need a hug from you



Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I need a hug

you know the kind I mean

with you against me

I want to feel you breathe

with your chest pounding in mine

our hearts beating in time

as my breasts press into you soft

against your leg I rock

warm, wet, radiates through

kiss me

until my lips bruise


I believe I need a hug

from you

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slowly step from my fantasy

lay down my mask

to reveal, me

Taking baby steps

into the great big world

afraid, yet strong

a woman

yet, a girl

Reaching out my hands

with open heart

Pulling back tightly

and shutting out


step slowly

into reality



How Deeply Cuts Your Knife


Would you have me question myself

my very being and soul

Would you have me crying out, laying

broken on the floor

Would you have me

withering in pain

Bleeding, open wounds

Would you have me to be less

so that You, could be more

My strength stripped away from me

to even out the score

Would you have me on my knees

begging for mercy from above

Do you wish these things

then, call it Love

Do you wish me death

so You, can give me life

Do you even know

how deeply

cuts your knife



My heart is broken wide open as I sadly report that Kryptonite found it’s way to my Superwoman in the form of a shower. Her poor heart just could not handle the stress after being so ill for so long. I lost my Dearest Friend, Saturday evening :`(

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

She is Superwoman
the strongest I know
The world tried to kill her
but she’s not ready to go

They say that her heart
just can’t handle the stress
but her heart disagrees
and keeps coming back

She’s been resuscitated
just to flat line again
yet five minutes ago
she tightly squeezed my hand

She says she isn’t strong
yet I’ve always known she is
She’s fucking Superwoman
she’s a boss-ass bitch

*Dedicated to my best friend who continues to fight for her life.

I urge everyone to have a living will, and to also have a DNR with the hospital (if that is your choice).  Please do not leave these hard decisions to your family should it come to that.  You do not know if your family will all agree and even have your best interest in their own hearts.

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Balancing (herself)


Is it wrong
she asks
out loud to herself

Of course
she says
to no one else

But it’s right
she whispers

Then she smiles
a smile
no one can see

It’s wrong
while it’s right
it’s a perfect mix

It’s filthy
yet pristine
she loves the thought of it

the perfect balance
to his perfect beam

Some see a nightmare
she knows
it’s a dream



She is a band-aid, a temporary fix

She will become dirty, rough at the edges

She will be ripped off and thrown away

She will have done her job, well

The injury, the hurt, will have healed

She will not be needed any longer

She clings, perhaps to tightly

Until all her usefulness is gone

Then she waits for the inevitable

To Drift Away

I’ve been spending far too much time in hospitals and various medical buildings during the last three months.  I’ve learned more than I have ever, ever wanted to know about the process of keeping the body alive and functioning.  I am quiet certain that I have been privy to more test results than any one lay person needs to be.

I am neither awed by modern medicine nor am I frightened by death.  I simply am.

It is my wish, whether it be tomorrow or 50 years from now, to never have a test run to find out what is “wrong” with me.  I wish to sit silently with only the sound soft waves lapping at my feet, a pen and notebook resting on my lap (I think I will add a DNR to all my notebooks.)  I want to just drift away in peace, without the tubes and machines.



He knows her…

Originally posted on deathbycartoon:

She sits by windows
Reads books by moonlight
Words dancing into her soul
She thinks no one gets her
Mostly she doesn’t always understand herself

Maybe in time 
Though she wonders how much she has left
How empty the void
Before it collapses into itself
Could she write enough poetry
To spell out her destiny

If she has a friend
How long until they disappear
Can she just crawl inside this fiction
These ghosts of literature
Are less frightening 
Than the ghosts in her life

Will she succumb to the crashing
Of the waves and in silence

No one gets her
She can make sure of that  
And though she may live life invisible
She will not disappear

Will she succumb to the demons
Waiting in the shadows
Or to her own reflection
Staring back like some alien

Will she just one day evaporate
And turn back into…

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Our Red Thread ~ A Duet

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


A Duet by Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

Our situation is limited, we know
yet we still choose it, and so
we cherish every second we get
about limitations, we don’t fret

It isn’t perfect by any stretch
each other’s drift we always “cetch”
make up words to suit our needs
this connection, desire feeds

Limited by space and time
connecting with words and rhyme
amazed by the similarities
happy being US, just WE

Simultaneous thoughts in our mind
never search for words to find
verbal liquid from our tongue
as flowing lyric beautifully sung

Some see a hurdle we see a leap
we swim across what others find too deep
limitations cannot break this connection
every hiccup just deepens our affection

“A Chinese proverb says an invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangled, but can never…

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Black Dot – The Escape ~ A Duet


A special thanks to WB for coming to me with this idea. The timing could not have been more perfect. This particular writing has been an amazing therapy for me XO

Originally posted on Wet Bliss:

A Duet by Bruised Belly and Wet Bliss
Part II of a Three Part Series
The Lie ~ Part I


Delusional yes, but not yet dead
She formulates her getaway plans
Every detail outlined in her head
Execution falls apart in her hands

Defeated, her mind plays its tricks
Welcoming his or her final death
Then thinks maybe it could be fixed
Her mind and body never gets a rest

Rehearsed actions repeated each day
Surviving not living she starts to fade
A far-away-dream keeps her sane
Her only focus, to get away

Plotting she saves for a change
Everything needed fits in a bag
Hidden and ready to be estranged
She waits, but time seems to drag

Then finally a chance to escape
Quick hurry, before he wakes
Scared to death her body shakes
She hits the gas and never brakes

*Dedicated to any and everyone who is or…

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Mirror, Mirror a duet with BruisedBelly


Jayne and I spent many months staring into this mirror. We applied, wiped clean, re-applied, lined, powdered, and plucked. When we finally decided to be true to ourselves the beauty just kind of showed itself. Funny how that happens :)

Originally posted on D i a r y I n c a r n a t e:


Standing in front of the mirror

Trying to be the woman

I think he wants to see

But looking deeper into my own eyes

I am shocked and I am surprised

I don’t really care what He wants

I don’t wish to prance

I don’t wish to flaunt

I want him to know my truer self

The me, I hide from everyone else

I want real, I want reality

I will show him the real me

Mirror, mirror, now I know

The wasted time trying to be what he sees

He’ll see me as I am

And love more than what he’ll see

I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail

And we’ll do things differently

He’ll see my eyes gleam

When he feeds my appetite

He’ll see my ass blush

When he lands one, just right

And he’ll see my eyeliner run

When he holds me after the frenzy is done

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