Dear You, All Of You


Every single person with a blade in your hand – Read This.

Originally posted on Caffeine & Nicotine:

Dear every single person with a blade in your hand,
ready to carve your first scar, urging to see your skin bleed,

I wish I could convince you to stop and think
because I know how much pain you have to be in
to drag that blade across your skin.
Trust me, I know how it feels.

But hear this out.
Once you draw that red line,
the battle between you and your demon will start,
and this is the kind of war that does not end.
You will have to fight every single day,
and every single night, you will wish for it to leave you alone.

You will wish that you never stepped in to this battle,
but the truth is, you were the one who started it.
Regret will consume you; it becomes another demon
you have to chase away.
You will wish for the battle to…

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Go Away!!!!

go away

They don’t get it, they don’t know I just want to be alone.  I don’t want the phone to ring, I don’t want them to walk in the door, I just want to write…

Where am I
Who am I
Where have I been
What day is it
Make the world stop
I have to get off of it

I need some serious alone time with a notebook and a pen!!!

Inside Of Me


Just another taste before I have to rush back to work ;)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I just want you
inside of me
clearly my eyes
reflect my need

No sugar coating
no playing coy
just you and me
one girl one boy

I don’t want romance
I don’t need foreplay
I want you inside me
right now, this day

I don’t care about
any of the rest
I just want you pounding
deep into my flesh

So just in case
I skipped a little beat
do you understand
I want you

Inside Of Me

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I want to kiss you


I WAS going to write today (I have something huge in the works) but life happened… So here is something tasty from the vault XO

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

I want to kiss you!

kiss you

long and hard

I want
kiss you

soft and slow

I want
kiss you


the only thing
you will
ever know

I want
your breath

I want
tender lips

I want
your tongue
on mine

I want
kiss me

Look into my eyes

you know it's true

I really
kiss you!

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He broke my heart, when he said Hello


For the good guys

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


He broke my heart when he said
they always do
you know

especially the good ones
you know, the really good guys
they break your heart
every single time

they sneak right up
and rip it out of you
it’s over and done
before you have a clue

it’s not the plan
it’s not what they had in mind
but still it happens
every single time

I think they are surprised
I think they are overwhelmed
to look into their hand
and see this beating heart

to see this thing of beauty
so fragile and so true
right there in their hand
not knowing what to do

sometimes I fear for the good guys
with all these broken hearts
I pray they don’t get discouraged
that they don’t fall apart

as for me
my heart was broken the second he said hello
but I let him say it anyway

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The Haunting of Me (part 103)

He doesn’t even wait for me to sleep
he sneers as he wonders why I breathe
his wish is for me to die
well perhaps that is a lie

He just wants me to suffer
as he glares, snarls, and hovers
as he pushes me just to the edge
and wills me to jump from the ledge

As he takes from me all that I love
anything that means so much
he cages me and clips my wings
assuring I will do no flying

Coaxing me to jump to my death
waits in the shadows with bated breath
he used to haunt only my dreams
now he haunts my reality

Evil comes in many forms
I must run now…

evil is knocking
at my door

Monday Night Musings


tee hee – time doesn’t change some times ;)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


It is time to write
it is time to play
but my darling dear
is far away

I wonder if
I time it just right
I wonder if
he will feel me tonight

I wonder if he knows
he has planted this seed
and that is why
I am currently in need

so damned be
the distance
so damned be
the time

I take matters
into these
own hands
of mine

although it is him
that I see
although it is him
I feel inside of me

it is only my hands
doing the trick
but I really wish
it was his dick

so I am back
to writing of sex
because I guess
it’s what I do best

and my mind wanders
but settles on cock
because you all know
that I like it

a lot

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And The Truth Is


And today I’ve fallen hard…

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

The truth is
sometimes I just don’t know

I just don’t understand
I simply don’t have
a clear comprehension
of who I am

I still get tripped up on
the little things
like feelings
and plans
and tomorrows

and sometimes even

but I’m really good with today
and most of the time
I now exactly what to say

but promises trip me up
because I can’t control everything

and no matter what you say
I’m not as strong
as I need to be
and you know what
sometimes I don’t even
feel like I’m pretty

I get much more easily
than anyone can ever tell
so then I stumble
and I fall
and I feel so small

so the truth is
I am just
a silly clumsy girl
trying to make it
in this great big stupid world

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

he’s got me feeling horny, feeling good

he’s got me worked up, got me moist

he’s miles away, leaving me little choice

my hand slips down between my legs

but it’s his touch, I desperately crave

it’s his cock I want inside of me

rocking me hard to ecstasy

it’s him who I want to fuck

damn this distance, I hate so much

Writing In Place

She wants to run to him
get in her car and drive
until she is standing in front of him

She wants to look in his eyes
run her hands on his smooth face
then pull that face to her for a kiss

She wants to fall into his arms
let go and break down

She wants to cry like a child
and let him comfort her

She wants to be exposed
to express every fear
and have him kiss them away

She wants to run to him
but instead
she pulls herself together
gathers her strength
she looks reality in the face

She turns, of course
to this place
puts her thoughts and feelings
into words on a page

Instead of running
she writes,
in place


someday I’ll meet her

the girl from my dreams

the girl from my nightmares

who threatens to take

my life from me

someday I’ll meet her

we walk the same streets

we think the same thoughts

we love the same things

someday I’ll meet her

that girl so taunting

I can’t hide from her

she can’t hide from me