At His Feet


He asks about my day

I smile, tell him it was okay

He said, tell me something to make me smile

I babble about nonsense for a while

He is stressed, I sense the tension in his words

I want to be the whiskey that soothes his nerves

I want to kiss his lips and warm his inside

I want his soul and mine to collide

I sit at his feet, humbled to be at his service

To calm him, to love him, to be his

I smile within when I know his tension is gone

I am his, at his feet is where I belong

Just A Woman


I am feeling completely vulnerable and soft

not broken but fully whole

fully cognizant and giving

of my feminine self



a side of myself I rarely show

a part of myself I keep locked inside of protective armor

today I have let the armor fall away

I am without protection

be gentle

be kind

I am

after all

just a woman


Dirty Halos and Bare Feet


Just Lisa and I doing what we do…

Originally posted on Underground Energy:


Dive to the bottom just to rise up as we
Mermaids ain’t got nothin on me and BB
We’ll ride you hard make you beg for submission
Come on, come on, all aboard let’s get it on

We’ll fly to Neverland, rock the lost boys
We’ve packed our lust dust and our toys
Mermaids are jealous of our long legs
Lost boys follow, whistle, begin to beg

The natives are restless wanting to touch
Watch out, gambling with us can be rough
We ride dragons bare back, we’re dangerous
We’ll take you up and slam it straight home

We’re just Lisa and BB taking a Monday trip
You can look all you want, but you can’t have it
Mind your P’s and Q’s, please don’t stare
You’ll end up on the couch with Cranky Bear

BB and Lisa

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F that White Rabbit


Wonderland calls again

I don’t fall but rather am pushed in

the white rabbit is a straight bitch

I have no more fight, I fall in

they all stand staring at me

wondering how it has all come to be

I shake my head, I do not know

I have fought hard

I’ve put on a good show

but here I am at the bottom of this pit


or what the fuck ever you want to call it

I can cry, whine, shout

but I’m not even sure I give a fuck about getting out

so for now

for this moment

fake or reality

I don’t know anymore

the truth escapes me

A Year

It started with just a word

or two

You bothered to talk to me

silly you

Now a year later

a million words more

sharing thoughts and theories galore

Holding my hand

wrapping me up in Red Thread

filling my heart and my head

Balancing me, balancing you

coming together, coming unglued

A year of silly amazing play

I’m so glad you commented

and stayed


Hell in a Handbag


The Power & The Glory
The Glory & The Power
#THEDRESS whatever the color
#THEDRESS they stare at for hours
he wrote it first, he took my hook
I’ll reblog this time
and I’ll #hiswork
he wrote about it first

Originally posted on The Lightening and The Fire:

I read aloud
‘don’t you think it is boring how people talk?’
She saunters up quickly,
to walk
stride by stride next to me on a downtown street
over coffee and cookies
we’ll eventually meet
and she’ll show her age
and discuss all the rage
on social media platforms
I’ll reply
as a charming guy
who was born
before she was even conceived
and explain how I’ve loved
and lost
and hurt
and grieved

Now what color is the dress
she asks with attentive flair
I reply the only colors I know
are your eyes and hair
later we’ll discuss with amazement
how we got from
to here
under these warm luxuriant sheets
we’ll laugh and giggle about
the downtown streets

and she’ll shuffle thru her I phone
every 45 seconds or so
is she that popular you ask?
I simply don’t know
but the experts…

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Red Ribbon Submission – Closed


Check it out!!!!

Originally posted on Underground Energy:


This was a fun five days! Thank you to all my wonderful friends that played along. “No saints without sinners!”

Check out these links if you don’t mind getting your halo dirty. When I call for a fire I get a fire!

Red Ribbon Submission – Underground Energy

Cherry Picking – Johnny and Lisa

Nipped In The Bud – The Lovely Lizzie

Release! – Willow

Hush – Americana Injustica

To Thrive – Message In A Bottle

Delicious – Souldiergirl

The Red Ribbon – The Words I Didn’t Forget

Prismic – BB and Lisa

Tease Me?! – Round 1 – The Migraine Chronicles

Come Around – The Breakdown of Taboo

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A Strange Encounter


Yes, of course you may have that seat

No, there is nobody here with me

My Goodness what beautiful eyes of blue

You look like someone I could lie to

Come here often? No, it’s my first time

Oh, an Aries, that’s my favorite sign

A drink? Please, I’ll have what your drinking

Music? Indeed, I like how your thinking

Dance? No, I don’t very much

But I’m tipsy, perhaps you can hold me up

A kiss? Well, maybe a peck on the cheek

I’m a lady, I don’t want to appear cheap

Leave with you? I never go home with strange boys

Come back to my place, that’s where I keep my toys


Friday Dance Party

I’m still in a really piss poor mood (that might be giving myself too much credit).

I think I need to have a night out, a few drinks (I’m accepting designated drivers please), some serious dancing (and anyone will to hold me up), and just plain old-fashioned cutting loose.

Please join in… after all, it’s a party!



Help Me Forget


she says in a voice dripping honey
I don’t want your love
I don’t want your money

I just want you hard
inside of me
my mind is confused
I just need to breathe

I just want to forget
I don’t want to care
Can you lend me some time
help me clear the air

Can you give me some touch
no strings attached
an hour or two
I promise I won’t latch

Just bring me to life
once or twice, maybe more
then take your leave
walk right out the door

Just help me forget
help me if you please
help me forget
the fucker who broke me

Tease Me?! – Round 1

He stands in front of her, shirtless
his jeans unbuttoned, resting just below his hips
she likes them like that
he knows, he is teasing,
he teases her

She turns from him, I’m mad at you
“I’m not talking with you”
Yes you are, he says, grinning and pulling her closer to him
she says, no, I’m not, I’m mad at you

All the while nibbling his neck and playing with the waist of his jeans
who is teasing who
she wants him
she is hungry for him, fucking starving

The nibbles turn to bites down his chest
he is saying…something…she doesn’t hear
he is delicious
her mouth continues to lower as her hands drop those jeans

She is no longer teasing
he is still talking, what the fuck is he saying?
Shut Up!! she orders him
then her mouth is full of him, hard and swollen

She can’t suck hard enough, she wants all of him
she has been starved for far too long
she licks to his balls, she must taste, no, devour
she almost cums with the thought

She manages to free her tits
rubs them on his legs while she sucks and licks his balls
OMG he is speaking
Shut Up!!!

She is beyond teasing, beyond control
she is on fire and only he can hose her down
she cups his throbbing cock between her breasts
licking the tip as she rocks back and forth

He cums with a brilliant explosion on her face
she heard him that time “fuckkkkk!”
she falls back, relaxed, full
ready for round 2

Red Ribbon Submission

Prismic – By BB And Me


Sometimes things just happen…
Love – Lust – Lust – Love – and all things in between…

Originally posted on Underground Energy:


Lisa is bored, she wants to play
Aphrodisia has her frisky today
BB is feisty from all the shades of Grey
Submissive or not will you join our foray…

Sideways grin appears on my face
Meeting your eyes and licking my lips
I shyly wave with a flick of my wrist
The heat rises inside as I adjust my hips

I groan at her grin, playfulness in her eyes
Those lips, that wave, pretends she’s shy
I’m sure she keeps secrets in those thighs
My head spins as her heat is on the rise

My eyes roam her body from head to toe
Sliding in closer, her smell drives me wild
My hand reaches for her without permission
Eyes on the prize I draw her mouth to my lips

A kiss sweet as cherries fresh from the tree
I believe she has been saving this one just for me

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What Did They Wear??

The award shows
that I don’t watch
because I don’t care
what all the actors, actresses,
people I don’t know
dare to wear

What I do want
what I do care
are your teeth on my panties as they tear

You are the leading man
and I your leading lady
Fuck the awards
Fuck the critics
just make me scream

I’ll cum on the red carpet
as the paparazzi snaps the shot
Hashtag us beautiful
Hashtag us I don’t care
were the awards on last night

Tell me Darling?
What did they all wear??

Color Me ~ A Duet


A Duet By Kimberly at Words4jp’s Blog & BruisedBelly

Color me

Red, green, even blue
color me
every hue

The brights the dulls

the rainbow scheme

color me beautiful

color me

A plethora of tones -

Subtle pigments, vibrant statements
an ever changing contradiction

Never to be contained.

Kimberly commented on my 50 Shades post that she was pretty much fed up with Shades of grey and much preferred Red, in fact she preferred Hues rather than shades.  A few comments, a few e-mails, and this is what two colorful women come up with :)

If you haven’t danced with Kimberly at her blog Words4jp’s Blog, I suggest you do.  There you will find such beautiful words, and feelings to dance along with.