That’s Alright With Me


I told him

I don’t know that song

Yes you do, he said

go check it out

He listens to the silliest things

and that’s alright with me

I tell him

my cheeks hurt

from smiling so much

He says, that’s alright with me

it’s my pleasure baby

He has my back

and my front too

lifts me up

when I’m feeling blue

Full of silliness and chivalry

and that’s alright with me

That’s alright with me


Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I want to tiptoe gently like a light summer breeze

pounce on you fast and bring you to your knees

I want eyelash wishes and butterfly kisses

nibbling and sucking and umm, delicious

I want ribbons and curls and pretty things

to be tied up with rope and strings

I want a little flowing soft lace dress

crotchless panties and your caress

I want to blush shyly at naughty thoughts

squeal in delight when I see your cock

I want you to take me down gently slow and soft

throw me against the wall hard and rough

I want sweet sugar candy delight

spicy hot, surprise, surprise

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Reminding Me

And tears of happiness roll down her face

She lets them fall with abandon, unashamed

Guided by reminders he so easily provides

She moves from the darkness into the light

He understands her truth, He is her reality

Sidesteps the bullshit, while engaging her fantasy

Words falling from his lips into her soul

From so far away, He holds her so close

*A response to Tell Me Again, because he reminds everyday in so many ways, and I am so thankful.

Make Love To Me


A change of pace is needed… Soft and Slow…

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


dress unzipped

falls to the floor

my soul screams

I want more

hands run gently

through my hair

no words needed

to feel you care

breath on my neck

lips to my own

emotions escape

with my moans

take me down

soft and slow

tonight I am lonely

I need to know

I need to feel

I need to see

tonight please

make love to me

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The Scar

*Trigger Warning*

His visits to her dreams, are rare and few

Just a reminder of a life she once knew

He has become a symbol of her weaker self

The girl she has worked so hard to shelf

She awoke and rubbed her left arm

She could barely see it anymore, the scar

Yet, when the dreams came, she felt its sting

Burning through her flesh, the memory

The scar carved with love and tenderness

Then burned over and sealed with a kiss

Cut, to drain him from her veins

Sealed, so the memory would remain

It Was Getting Late

*Trigger Warning*


She downed the handful of pills,

answered the phone

Yes, thank you for calling

No, I’m not alone

She watched the water fill the tub

as her friend commended her strength

She told her “Goodbye”

you see, it was getting late

She slipped into the warm water

the blade tore into her wrist

As her strength oozed from her veins

she doubted she’d be missed



Nothing is new, I’m still wanting you.

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I do not want the moon from the sky

nor do I

want the dark from the night

I do not want a house filled with things

fancy cars, and diamond rings

I don’t want promises in vain

I don’t want forever and a day

I want

the smile in your eyes

I want to hold you tight

I want to reach out my hand

and feel yours

where mine lands

I want to taste your kiss

steal the words from your lips

I want to watch you look at me

so that

I can see

you looking back wanting me

knowing that it’s true

 I’m wanting you

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Debauchery ~ A Duet

A Collaboration between Nottooold2 & BruisedBelly

For all that I yearn
is between your smooth legs
my glistening shaft
throbs and it begs

Drops of excitement
dance on the crown
linger a moment
before trickling down

My tongue to your clit
your hand on my cock
stroking so gently
your hips start to rock

Back and forth
and circle around
from deep in my chest
animalistic sounds

Your member so hard
with glorious drips
I bring to my mouth
craving a lick

I’m dying to feel
you inside of me
I cum at the thought
so hot, sweet, sticky

You’ve tasted my drips
now let me taste yours
like sweet drops of honey
it trickles and pours

Plunging inside
your sheath ’round my blade
thrusting so deeply
legs open and splayed

Muscles constrict
within your wet walls
this friction and lust
spews seed from my balls

Now that we’ve cum
both sated and spent
resting in peace
and loves afterscent

So before We both got busy as shit, We spent a little time together “writing”  ;)

Writing with Nottootold2 is always a great pleasure of mine!!!!  To view his independent writing as well as other wonderful duets he has collaborated in, please visit his blog Insecurely Confident, where you will find a little of everything.

Time Peace


We took our sweet Time with this one. It’s been a work in progress. I almost didn’t want to share because of the personal Peace it brings me. But we promised to share again, so share we must ;)

Originally posted on Insecurely Confident:

A duet from: bruisedbelly & nottooold2


I rush from morning until night

But when you are in my sight

I really wish time would just stand still

It moves too fast until

Another day has passed

I am reminded my time with you won’t last

Time is on my side

Except when you are on my mind


For when my mind is with you

Time is smoke through an open flue

Gone before I realize

The value of its hidden prize

I despise the clock upon the wall

Its hands my will cannot forestall

Lifetimes in the blink of an eye

The soul’s own window will never lie

Time is but a human measure

Spent with you, life’s truest treasure


If I could stop the sands of time

Perhaps even hit rewind

Would that even be enough time

For your heart and for mine

For what We have become…

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For Sale: Relinquished Muse


This is just wonderful!!!

Originally posted on Eclectic Unconfined:

For sale or rent:

One slightly damaged Muse
Has very few qualifications for the title really
Misrepresented credentials under the guise of a smile

Rather lazy
Lounges around Sundays, napping, watching hockey or writing haiku rather than Musing for you
Well of course. They’re so easy to write. Properly. Leafs suck.

Unlikely to inspire passionate prose
Will slip into one of your button downs scented with the night before
Far more often than Victoria’s unmentionables and scarlet spandex… whatever that shit is

Aggravating and artsy
Might show up for dinner in a 1950’s gown and Converse high tops
Can’t decide between Monet exhibits and Mötley Crüe

Always wanting sex at the most inconvenient times
Knocking over typewriters, glasses, totally distracting you from your opus

Very unprofessional
Prone to fits of giggling during home office hours
Often writes poetry with purple and turquoise markers and prose with a dinosaur-topped pencil


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Three Day Quote Challenge


“Blindness separates us from things; deafness separates us from people.”  –  Helen Keller

I don’t generally succumb to challenges, but I do love quotes!!!!

Johnny has picked me to participate in this challenge, so I guess that means Lisa has a crush on me too???  Or maybe I’m reading it wrong (giggle).

The rules are simple enough…

Post a quote for three days, or three quotes in three days…then invite three bloggers each day.

Today I invite Nottooold2, Jayne, and Souldier Girl

*if you’ve already been invited I apologize in advance, I am not going back and doing all the homework to see who is in this challenge ;)

Powder My Pecker


Sweet Tooth?

Originally posted on Insecurely Confident:

The sweetest dust of powder

The brand of course is moot

Domino or Zulka

Your sweet tooth it will suit

Sweet upon your tongue

My powdered shaft will dance

Candy coated manhood

This sweetened fleshy lance

We drift off on the sea

Or fly so far away

Regardless of location

It’s here we both will stay

So take my rock hard candy

In powdered sugar’s coat

Transformed into a liquid

Trickling down your throat

This was originally going to be more “tame” in response to BB’s post, but it kind of got away from me due to the mood I’m currently in.  ;)

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Sugar My Tits

Well sugar my tits

and sail away

pack up your troubles

send them away

on a boat or plane

I don’t give a shit

pack up your troubles

come play a bit

Sugar my titties

drip honey on me

sticky and sweet

our problems at sea

Zero fucks given

about the rest

come on baby

just sugar my breast

New and Old Words


I have more words today than I have time…
So I’ll just reblog an ode to words

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

Sometimes a word
means everything
sometimes it means
nothing at all

there have been times
when words
have left me
crying on the floor

our words
are far and in between
but we still know exactly
what they mean

so here is to the Old words
and here is to the New
and this me saying thanks
to all of

for all of your words
and the things that YOU say
and lifting me up
each and every day

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Let Me


You’ve had a rough day

I can tell by your face

Let me press into you

Let me take it away

I’ll absorb your stress

Kiss away the strain

Baby  just relax

Shut down your brain

Just lay back

Let me take care of you

It’s my pleasure dear

For all you do

No kiss and tell

No details to write

Just relax my love

I’m taking care of YOU


Shadowlands (A Duet)


It turns out the shadows aren’t so bad when you find a like mind there with you.

Originally posted on Message in a Bottle:


You think I shine, that I’m beautiful
And you look at me as though I’m real
But I fade away when you’re not near
Without your light, I disappear

In the shadows, I am only a ghost
Opaque smiles in a mundane life
Starburst dreams lost in reality
Performing for others, false vitality

Slipping into darkness, blending in
Another shadow fading away fast
No shining light to reveal me
I slip away into obscurity 

I don’t anticipate your faraway voice
But a whisper of grace finds my veins
An infusion of sanguine expectation
Ceases my soul’s starvation

Touch me, if only for the day
Let your light shine upon my face
Pull me from this shadowland
Remind me how to live again

I will bask in your adoration 
That others selfishly hold at bay 
To my heart you found the hidden key
In your eyes, I am free to be…

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