My Body Dreams


In the day
In the night

In my wake
in my sleep
my body dreams
wonderful things

My body dreams
of your lips
meeting mine
in a kiss

so sublime

My body dreams
of your caress
gently lingering
on my breasts

My body dreams
of your eyes
locked with mine

as our bodies
move in time

My body dreams
of your
medical phenomenon

giggle now
my body

dreams on

I Didn’t Know


I like to go back to read and remember…
So much has changed, and yet, so much hasn’t XO

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


I didn’t even know
I was missing you
I didn’t even know
I cared

but then
suddenly you appeared
in front of me
seemly out of nowhere

and now

I can’t imagine
one single day
without knowing
every word you have to say

now I can’t imagine
a missed
good morning

and every other little thing
that makes my heart
take flight

I didn’t know
I was lonely
I met you
and you made me feel
all those things I never knew

you make feel special
truly one of a kind
you even pretend to like it
when I go ahead and speak
my forever opinionated mind

I didn’t know
someone could care
and ask nothing in return

I didn’t know
I was allowed to be happy
but I sure am willing to learn

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Least We Forget

While searching for Memorial Day appropriate music I came across this article, and rather than just use the music from it I decided to post the whole thing as I enjoyed and wanted to share all the content.

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Music for Occasions

Top Songs for Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Top Songs for Memorial Day and Veterans Day

“It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who gave us the freedom to demonstrate

It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag.

And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag.”

~ Father Dennis Edward O’Brien, USMC

The freedom that we enjoy today comes with a price which has been paid dearly by our men and women in uniform. Always content to be on the sidelines, they seek no fame and recognition except the honor to protect the country we so dearly loved.

It’s in their sacrifices we see the enduring spirit of our nation. When our country has come under attack, they have courageously come to her defense. When our freedoms are threatened, they respond with firm resolve. Whether at home or abroad, our soldiers have sacrificed their lives to protect what we hold dear – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As we express gratitude to the brave men and women in uniform, we remind ourselves that there is no parade, ceremony or gift that will equal what they’ve sacrificed for us. But with these songs (5 songs to be exact) that I have compiled, I am hoping that they will feel honored and not forgotten.

Now, here they are:

Letters from War by Mark Schultz

This song recounts the story of a son who fought in a war faraway. To keep himself from being lonely on the field, he wrote letters to his mom back home and she in turn, wrote back to him. One day the son was captured and the mother didn’t hear anything from him since then. But 2 years later, the son went home and embraced his surprised yet overjoyed mother.

Mark Schultz said he wrote this song after reading the diary of his great-grandmother containing her great-grandma’s correspondence with her 3 sons who fought in World War II.

We will Not Forget by Mark Harris

We Will Not Forget

We Will Not Forget is a song that paints an analogy of the sacrifice of our veterans to that of the sacrifice of God sending His only begotten Son to die for us. Indeed, we are truly thankful for the price they’ve paid and the sacrifice they’ve given so that we can have freedom!

War Zone by Building 429

War Zone Building429 Music Video

This song sounds like a warrior who’s got tired of fighting. The war he’s involved is more of like a spiritual rather than a conventional one as the lyrics goes “My flesh and bones are caught in the war zone”. This could be equated to soldiers who experience combat fatigue. All the more that we should uphold them in our prayers as they battle not only the physical enemies but also loneliness and homesickness as well.

When Love Comes Home by Matthew West

Matthew West – When Love Comes Home

Matthew West wrote this song after reading a touching story of Scott and Jennifer Horne of Cedar Park, Texas. Nearing the end his second deployment, Scott wrote to his wife saying, “My heart aches for you every second of every day, and I don’t know how to fill the emptiness I feel when I’m without you”. This song, by far, is one of the best compositions of  West. It’s very heart-warming to listen to.

Warrior is A Child by Twila Paris

The Warrior is a Child – Twila Paris (Orig. 1984 Version)

This song from the 80’s has long been forgotten but it’s one of the finest songs I usually hear in funerals for reasons I don’t know why. I think the song is more appropriate for soldiers, that’s why I included it here. This song is about a warrior who’s been successful in his battles but little do people know that he also has his own demons in his life to conquer.

So, with these songs whether for Memorial Day or Veterans Day, I hope we could bring a smile to the face of our valiant soldiers.

Do you have other songs to suggest? Please tell me by commenting below.

Thank you and God Bless!

Rolling Thunder: A Marines vigil


Hey Everyone!!!
If you don’t already follow Maiden on the Midway you need to. She makes every day Memorial Day. God Bless You for keeping both active duty and veterans in our hearts and minds every day XO

Originally posted on Maiden on the Midway:

You may be familiar with this Marine. He’s made the trip to Washington every Memorial Day since 2010 to hold a full salute until every biker has past in honor of his brothers and sisters of More veterans have joined have joined him in recent years. In arms.
This was the first video I saw of the Lone Marine, and it is by far my favorite. It’s one of the best 2:30 tribute I’ve seen. Have a safe and happy weekend.

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Beware The Girls


Beware the girls with the smile on their face

the ones who walk with that confident pace

You know, the girls with the sparkling eyes

blowing kisses across the skies

Beware the girls you can’t break down

the ones with those invisible crowns

Beware the girls that believe in love

and saving grace from God above

The girls that walk in twos and threes

that stick together endlessly

Beware the girls that don’t give in

just fix their crowns, and grin

The Lesser Me

Sometimes I see the lesser me

the girl who I don’t want to be

The girl with jealous eyes

who still frets, who still cries

Sometimes I don’t have the strength

I sit right down and I break

Yet, I’m stubborn, I push everyone away

it’s just easier to do it my own way

You’d think I would have learned by now

but I still mess it up somehow

I have more words I wanted to write

they are stuck in my throat, I can’t even get that right



Just going through the vault…

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Sit Down and Shut Up
lighten the fuck up
now, listen to what I have to say

do you know
I thought about you today

from the moment
that I
opened my eyes
with every
breath, word, sigh

do you know
I hung onto your every word
waiting for the next
like a silly
school girl

do you know
you run through
my veins

do you know
my lips
whisper your name

do you know
how important
you are to me
do you fully understand
and do you see

I think that maybe
you have a clue
but there is something else
I want to say to you

None of That matters
at all to me
if for even one second
I think You are not happy

I know that you know
what I say is true
or I wouldn’t
have said it to you

so listen up

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No Savior Tonight

Originally posted on Message in a Bottle:


Savage beasts of the invisible kind
Dormant while strength reaches high
Claws raze vulnerable spirit in doubt
Sipping blood aged in oaken grief

Denial fuels their rage, lust lures their bite
Sheen of their drool entices delight
Bringing naive prey into sinful foray
Senseless orgy of carnal plight

Mating call for the needy and homeless
Shadows dance to bestial rhythms
Drum beats draw forth her cavalry
But only the soulless will survive this onslaught

*Photograph by Sarah Moon

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Internal Noise


It’s that kind of day…
I just want some peace, but how do I run from what is inside of me?

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Shut up!
Shut up, please
can’t you see you are killing me
I can’t hear myself think
I don’t know what you are saying to me
do this
don’t do that
remember what happened in the past
think about the future
but live for today
really, I can’t decipher what the voices say

I play my music dangerously loud
to try to drown the voices out
they are louder than my music still
they are in my mind like a constant drill
I want to turn off my phone
but I am afraid to be alone
I stay busy and work non-stop
the internal noise
starts to drop

until the second my mind starts to slow
then the noise is back
and I know
I have lost
the voices have won
this is what I have become
a living breathing battle within
I sit back and let the noise win

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Discouraged (Amazingly Used)


Absolutely Amazing!!
This took my breath away!

Originally posted on Nezra's Opiate:

She’s adored and admired.
Opens up when trust is transpired.
Sashays to her own song.
Apologizes and makes up for it
when she’s wrong.

She’s too amazing to be with.

Sensitive like white dove feathers.
Stern like a wire sponge
and curious like mischievous cats.
She’s perfectly imperfect.
Her persona is enticing,
voice tantalizing.

She’s too amazing to be with.

But, just enough to be
She is sweet enough to
feed your ego for a while.
Got a smile bright enough to please
your eyelids temporarily.
Broken enough to let you slide
in her heart unaware and
just the right amount of kind-heartedness
to leech off of, for the sake of your insecurities.

She is the momentary remedy
to your emptiness.
Your foundation to stand on
with her uplifting sentences
and her nurturing heart.

Just enough to take apart her
guards for your entertainment and intrusive ego.
Then, deny…

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Black & Blue

She can’t remember the first hit
as each one bleeds into next
She isn’t sure which of her words
caused him to become upset

She doesn’t know yet
if she is allowed to speak
So she quietly crawls
into the corner to weep

She knows in an hour
he’ll regret what he’s done
Beg for mercy, promise
the moon and the sun

She knows he’ll kiss
away every bruise and cut
Beg her to stay
please don’t give up

If she speaks of it
they will tell her to leave
But they don’t understand
they could never conceive

He really loves her
she knows that it’s true
Besides, she thinks she looks good
in Black & Blue

The Light of Our Moon


By the light of the moon
dance with me
step in time
one, two, three

I will follow
if you lead
by the light of the moon
dance with me

Twirl me, spin me
round and round
by the light of the moon
dance with me now

Pull me close
glide and sway
by the light of the moon
dance this way

Never stop
dance on and on
the light of Our moon
is my favorite song

Dear Preacher,


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Be Blessed and Carry On.

Originally posted on Underground Energy:

To the preacher who just preached a sermon on my blog,

Thank you for justifying your own actions. Was your platform not enough to reach people by your own voice? I am well versed in the word of God, the Bible and study it daily. I also make it a habit to “practice what I preach” although I am human and do make mistakes.

If anyone does not know that I am a follower of Jesus Christ at this point please forgive me for not making it more clear that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life to salvation.

The post you called into the light, Repentance,  was a prayer from my heart to God, while thanking my friends who helped me make a decision to change my mind. Which, is what the word repentance means by the way, to change your mind. That is the context…

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A Performance


The gift that keeps on giving :)

Originally posted on Wet Bliss:


Face to face on this night

We will communally stroke

Our own unrestrained sex

Revealing what we each like…

Concentrate on my voice

Let it guide your passions

Higher, rub that little nub

Till it rises hard and rejoice

Look into my eyes and mind

Beneath your lowered lashes

As you caress your pinky gash

There’s no hurry we have time

Watching you makes my head swirl

I love the way you body twirls

You’ve got my loins on fire girl

Amazingly, you rock my world

Back begins to gently rock

Grasping this painfully stiff cock

Encased in a skintight fist

Control is beginning to slip

At the sight of your heavenly hips

Swinging under wet fingertips

Sinking in and out of my vision

Eagerly carrying out this mission

Squelching sucking of two digits

Rapidly cumming within minutes

A beautiful performance to witness

Cock in hand throbbing and rigid


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