Hey Y’all

I am missing everybody so much!!!!

I have been away doing my second (ok! ok! maybe my third) favorite thing.  Working.  I am running two offices and still studying to take my state exam!

The good news is I excel best when under pressure (as long as I am in control) so I am currently at top performance level.

The bad news is that I have little time to play, which includes writing and socializing here on WP.  I miss socializing with my WP family the most!!

I hope to have the office situation under better control within a few weeks.  As soon as I do I will be back here every morning, reading and socializing.  I hope to be back writing very soon as well.  Currently my creativity has been pushed aside and filled with meetings, marketing, healthcare, spreadsheets, outreach, and expansion.

Please wait for me, XO




Burn Baby Burn…

Originally posted on Love Songs And Mood Swings:

I jumped into the fire
I knew that it would burn
I know the consequences
But I have lessons yet to learn
I could still run
I could still flee
But I sorta love the pain
Yeah, I sorta love to bleed
So I stand right in the middle
I douse it even higher
What else can you do
When you sorta love the fire

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Originally posted on Love Songs And Mood Swings:


I’m walking through a minefield

with snowshoes on my feet

How do you tiptoe silently

in front of a wakened beast

There are no right words to say

when every word is a lie

I laugh in spite of myself

because I don’t have the energy to cry

I’m exhausted, and I’m spent

I pray for death but am denied

I wake to the sunshine of the morning

today’s fate, the beast has yet to decide

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Lover, Take Me

Lover, take me away to my nothing

to the tranquility of the sea

take me away to the edge of the earth

then make gentle love to me

Lover, let me get lost in the quiet

let the sea mist kiss my skin

let the breeze run through my hair

until I find myself again

Lover, hold my hand in yours

and gently lie to me

tell me it will always be this way

for all eternity

Lover, take me away

let me have magic, if only for one night

in the calm and the quiet of nothing

where every wrong becomes a right

A Poet’s Prayer


Happy World Poetry Day

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

Lord I pray,

Please let my words build someone up today.

Don’t let them hurt

don’t let them cut,

please only let them lift somebody up.

Let my gift be good

let my gift be kind

let it be so much more than words and rhyme.

Let connections be made

let emotions run amuck,

this is how I’ll know that I don’t truly suck.

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An Enchanting Escapade


It’s a vault kind of day :)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Run away
run away with me

Nights and days filled with
shenanigans and debauchery

dancing under the stars
with a slight gentle breeze

we’ll drive fast
we’ll drive slow

there is no hurry
we’ve nowhere to go

my eyes are on you
your eyes are on me

we talk about movies and songs
it is relaxing and comforting

we smile for selfies
nobody else will see

because that is the way we like it
you and me

This is our escape
for play and romancing

This is our escapade
isn’t it enchanting

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here I lay bare, openly exposed to you

my heart beats on, forever the fool

my mind begs to reason, pleads insanity

unwilling to accept this uncertainty

a battle within, mind verses heart

fearfully diving deeper, scared to death to part

this conundrum brings me cause to ponder

my motivation to continue taking more, leads me to wonder

here I lay, my heart bared for all to see

I plead and beg for your mercy

In Your Pants


he said

you just want in my pants

he’s wrong

I want them down

laying at his ankles

while he has my skirt pulled up above my waist

I want mad passionate

“I have to you right this second sex”

up against the wall, car, desk, table, counter or whatever we find to lean against

I want kisses so hard my lips bruise

while finger imprints are left on my ass

I want you buried so deep inside of me I can taste you

and when I cum I want to go blind

and when you cum I want to go deaf


I want in your pants

Your Words


when your words kiss my lips

when they run up and down my back

when your words pull me closer to you

when they breathe heavy on my neck

when your words flick my nipples to stand erect

and continue down my stomach

to reach my wetness

when your words bring me to ecstasy

my words call out to yours

I wish your words could hear mine

begging for more

We Are Done


Digging in the vault loves XO

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Well Dear
she said
in an unshaken voice
you are lying

you leave me no choice
I have had more than
enough of this shit

I am done
I am calling it quits
pack up your stuff
every last thing

and here,
you can have back this ring
don’t call, don’t message
don’t text

my head, my heart
need rest
I warned you once
I warned you twice

you should have taken
my advice
But, you Sir
are a common fool

I have no more
use for you
the fucks that I give
the fucks that I gave

they are gone
I gave them away
the fucks I had for you
are now fucks

for somebody new
so fuck yourself
and fuck her too
because I am done
fucking you

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A simple kiss

A simple hug

A simple pull

A simple tug

A simple you

A simple me

A simple please

A simple look

brings me to my knees

relax my love

I don’t intend to simply tease

Sometimes just a simple word in daily communication triggers a poem.  This was private between “friends” but I (with permission) decided to share.  As I said, I’m always writing, I’m just not posting much these days XO

An Introduction


One year ago!!! It’s been so very nice to meet you ;)

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

Hey, hello
I’d like to meet you
would you like
to meet me too?

I have been me my whole life
honestly I think that’s quite nice.
I like myself – most days
but sometimes
my mind gets hazed.

I think I look pretty
most of the time
but I am still working
on the inside.

I love my tits
and I love my ass
I work hard so
I don’t get fat.

is my favorite thing
my laugh is loud
and surprising.

I love to play
flirt and tease,
these things
put me at ease.

Outside in the sun
is where I want to be
reading or maybe
writing poetry.

A walk in the park
is also very nice
talking about nothing
long into the night.

And if you want
to know my fantasies,
that is simple
just be good to me.

I really don’t like
going high…

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What He Likes


Digging through the vault as I have little time to write – XO

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

This is inspired by the Blake Shelton song – What She Likes – only this is the “flip” side.

He likes telling her, her hair is all wrong
and also that scent is a little strong
he likes it when she is feeling low
because he knows it was a good blow

He likes telling her, her lipstick is too red
and that she is way too loud, in bed
I swear he likes to see her tears
right before he finishes that beer

He likes telling her she’s put on a little weight
and she needs to lay off that piece of cake
but he weighs a hundred more pounds than her
you can’t mention that or his feelings get hurt

He likes to tell her when that dress doesn’t lay just right
and she shouldn’t wear those shoes out tonight
and he feels high when she’s feeling down

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Intimate Connection ~ A (Recycled) Duet

Mr. Nottoold2 and I have been writing together for what has been a simply wonderful year.  I was actually getting ready to leave the blog scene when he started commenting with me; that turned into very easy banter, which turned into a writing partnership, subsequently forming a deeper connection and friendship.  Although we have not shared any of our writing pieces in a few months, I assure you we are always working on some project, perhaps we will even decide to share again some day. Intimate Connection was the very first piece we wrote together.  By the way, I tricked him into writing with me, true story.  I am very happy I did.


A Duet by BruisedBelly & Nottooold2

While she sat across the table
she watched his eyes caress her face
she wondered what he was thinking
as her mind began to race

He knew she felt his gaze
for which he did not hide
a tidal swell of yearning
building deep inside

A gentle touch upon her cheek
memorizing every feature
what might she see in him
such a beautiful creature

She relaxed in the comfort of his eyes
a feeling she hadn’t known in a while
apprehensive yet willing
she tilted her head and softly smiled

To her cue he did respond
tender lips invite
burning embers deep within
passions flame ignites

She bit her lip, just a little
as all reserve vanished
she reached for his hand
every fear now banished

Pensive worry in her eyes
teeth upon her lips
praying only for her touch
her hands upon his hips

Lips now being bit
hands placed upon hips
such a perfect fit
oh my goodness, this was it

Bodies come together
losing time and space
both lay now exhausted
sated in this place

The Longing


It is a beautiful day

the sun is shining brightly

He is sitting here next to me

not in reality

this is my fantasy

Why is the distance

so distance like

when I want a taste of him

just a little bite

Today the longing

is multiplied by one hundred and three

because I want him so badly

Today the flame is burning

a little hotter than

it probably should

Today my imagination

isn’t doing me

any good

I want him so much

it hurts

and I’d erase

distance and time

if I could

The Beautiful YOU!


Something Beautiful

Originally posted on The Mind of Micheline:


The beautiful you is not the color of your skin

Or the texture of your hair.

The beautiful you is not  how tall or short you are

The beautiful you is not rather you’re skinny or overweight by society standards

The beautiful you is not the degrees you have obtain

Or the size of your bank accounts.

The beautiful you, has nothing to do with where you’re from, or religious beliefs

Nor the car you drive or the house you live in.

The beautiful you is not the price tag of what you wear

The beautiful you has nothing do with how eloquent you speak

The beautiful you  is your kindness and compassion toward others

The beautiful you is your tolerance and patience

The beautiful you is your ability to love and forgive

The beautiful you don’t rush to judge what you don’t understand

The beautiful you is always seeking…

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Love on The St Charles Bridge ~ A Duet

St Charles Bridge

Love on The St Charles Bridge
A Duet by Bruised Belly and Mr Modigliani

He met her in Prague, and his desire for her burned
She was a Bohemian beauty and he a man of the world
And his heart, his soul, his very flesh yearned to make her his own
So he held her and whispered, “My love, my dear,
If you desire me, I will come back for you in one year
Meet me on the St Charles Bridge

A year of waiting, of yearning and wondering
Would he remember her, want her, still call her name
He promised his love, yet a year is long to carry a flame
She pretties herself as she looks in the mirror
Today is the day, it’s been exactly one year
She steps to the Bridge, gripped with fear

He worried, for it had been so very long
Would she be there for him, would she still care?
He longed for her eyes, her beauty so fair
Surely she was now taken, in love with a gent
He thought he had lost her, much to his lament
As he rushed to meet her on the St Charles Bridge

She sees him approach with a sad look on his face
She wonders why, as she runs to his embrace
With his arms wrapped around her all doubt erased
A smile, a tear, a promised kiss
That face of his that she has so missed
All worth the wait to meet on St Charles Bridge

He gently wipes away her tears
Brushes back her hair and calmed her fears
Just off the bridge, a cellist strums an ancient song
While its melody wafts through the tall towers of old Prague
He looks in her eyes and drops on one knee
Dear love, he says, please spend your life with me

And so it was that day, that these two lovers
A pretty Bohemian and a strapping young Brit
Gave themselves to each other
On the St Charles Bridge

When Mr. Modigliani approached me with the idea to write, I was like, um duh… because, have you read his stuff?!  But I played it cool, and said throw an idea at me.  He threw a whole scenario at me.  He really is one hard-working writer, I am impressed with his whole process and consider myself very lucky to have had this opportunity to have written with him.

When you have finished dancing on St Charles Bridge with us, do yourself a favor and  head on over to Mr. Modigliani’s Private Studio to see what he is up to independently, you’ll be happy you took those few extra dance steps.