his hand
in the midst of it all
in all the sadness
in all the pain
in all the suffering
in all that was lost
and unsaid
I found solace
in the words
he never spoke
in the love
he never proclaimed
I found peace
in him
he was my calm
he was my solitude
he was my peace
he was my wonderful
he was

he is
he is madness in my head
he is burning in my veins
he is thirst on my lips
he is hunger for my soul
he is an addiction to break
a drug I shouldn't take
he is my hell
he is my heaven
he is my waking thought
he is exactly what I shouldn't want
he is killing me
he awakens my spirit
he crushes my dreams
he is beautiful
he is unreachable
he is impossible
he is everything
every hour, every minuet, every second
he is clueless
stupid, a fool
he is brilliant
magnificent and cool



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