Tell Me


Tell me you Love Me

but tell me the truth

Tell me you need me

but tell me no lie

I’m tough and strong

I’m small and weak

I can do it on my own

I need you… hold me

I’ll get up early I’ll work all day

I’m tired and my body hurts

I’m smarter, I can do better than that

mind is shut down, refuses to think

Don’t worry about it, no big deal!

I’ll cry myself to sleep

Smile big for everyone

inside, I’ve come undone

But that’s alright, that’s okay

tomorrow is just another day


3 thoughts on “Tell Me

  1. Sad and lovely, aches and strength, all rolled into one. Another good one. I can feel the connections click into place in some of my sad places, too. Thanks.

    Meant to ask before, but will now. Do you do your own illustrations for the site? Maybe you’ve said somewhere, but I’ve been too lazy to check.


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