I am teetering on fuck you
and fuck me please,
on go the fuck away
and never leave.

I want them both
so very bad
and needing both
is making me mad.

So please come close
and hold me tight,
fuck me hard
this very night.

Whisper sweat nothings
in my ear,
just before
you disappear.

Run you fingers
through my hair
make me believe
that you care.

I know it’s a lie
but that’s okay
it’s a game
I’m willing to play.

Move your hands
all over me
don’t be scared
it’s meant to be.

Your eyes have changed
your words have too
it is written
all over you.

So fuck us both
for what we need
and fuck us both
for where it leads.

And fuck you too
for running away
and fuck me
for not making you stay.


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