I Don’t Want to Be Tamed


He told me he likes my hair blond
so I dyed it red

Dad said girls shouldn’t get tattoos
so what did I do

Mom said ladies don’t use cuss words
I told her that’s fucking absurd

my daughter says my music is too young
I told her she needs to have more fun

society tries to pinpoint me
by sex by race by financial demographically

they try to control my body and voice
telling me what to do, that I have no choice

but I pay taxes for this free speech
so if I want to I’ll go on and preach

does this make me wild or out of control
I doubt it, I don’t think so

I’m not a monkey in a cage
I’m a girl living life and I want to engage

in every second every minute every
fucking little bit

so maybe I’m wild or whatever you say
then so be it, I don’t want to be tamed


20 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Be Tamed

  1. I think this way. People tell me I should grow my hair out – but I do not want to. I wear what I want and listen to I want – in many ways I do not care what others think – but then, I am alone. So I wonder if I am screwing myself.


  2. I am a bit late to your party but happy to discover your writing. Have been following a while, but didn’t take the time to explore a bit until today. I love your attitude.


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