And The Greatest of these is Love

faith hope love

These things remain,

Faith, Hope and Love

but the greatest of these is Love.

Of all the things I have every learned

and the things I think I’ve known

my mind returns to some simple truths

that mankind has been shown.

And I don’t care what you think of ME

I really don’t give a fuck

I am just one simple person

just a speck of dust.

But the world is huge,

 full of seven billion people

who are all breathing the same air,

and when we look down from the sky,

guess what,

the boarders are not there.

Outside we may look different

but inside we are all the same,

we can teach our children love or hate

and then, on others, place the blame;

but it is up to us to change the world

we have been given what we need.

Hope, Faith and Love are the tools

we can’t be afraid to use,

and if Love is the greatest

what have we got to lose?


6 thoughts on “And The Greatest of these is Love

  1. الايمان ماوقر في القلب وصدقة العمل اللهم اجعلنا من الذين يسمعون القول فيتبعون احسنة امين يارب العلمين


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