Give That Shit Back!!

He gets done work about ten
he checks his phone and then
drives home
or where ever he needs to go

this is more than I should know
I am not a stalker
or a crazed ex-girlfriend

thanks to technology
I am well aware of his schedule
his new friends
his new flirts

and sometimes the lunch special
I don’t care about any of these things
I like to know what’s going on
because he still has a piece of me

that I’d really like to get back
so I can be more of myself
I’m just not sure what to ask for
and could really use his help

I wonder if he remembers
what it is he took from me
because since he left
I’m just not who I used to be

I wonder if he can tell me
or even give it back
I just know something is missing
because my personality lacks

I am moody and I am foul
my temper is short
I cry a little more often
and I very slow to retort

I just wish I could remember
what it was he took from me
and I wish he’d give it back
it is just common decency

so I continue to watch his schedule
until I can plan my attack
and take whatever that thing is
that thing that I now lack


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