Goodbye Cub

To my sweet little cub with sparkling blue eyes
I dreamed of you last night
I know it happens time and again
but this time was different my friend

When I woke I felt so at peace
you see, I missed you differently
I missed you happy, not sad
the missing made me feel good, not bad

I want you to know I will love you
past the end of time;
for you have been an absolute
best friend of mine

So I’ve let you go with a smile and a dream
but I’ll hold on to the memory
And each day I’ll pray for the best of the best for you
because sweet cub, nothing less will do


May you have the prettiest of wives
May you have the longest of lives
May you have two girls and one boy
May you finally get all your toys

May God’s light shine upon you
May your eyes always stay sparkling blue
May you get the house you dream of
May your life be filled always, with Love


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Cub

  1. It’s wonderful the way you’re able to turn a thought and feeling into written word. 🙂 Cool as hell. Especially those of us that know this feeling. It’s like a Happy Sadness or a Joyful Melancholy. Nice work.


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