An Introduction

Hey, hello
I’d like to meet you
would you like
to meet me too?

I have been me my whole life
honestly I think that’s quite nice.
I like myself – most days
but sometimes
my mind gets hazed.

I think I look pretty
most of the time
but I am still working
on the inside.

I love my tits
and I love my ass
I work hard so
I don’t get fat.

is my favorite thing
my laugh is loud
and surprising.

I love to play
flirt and tease,
these things
put me at ease.

Outside in the sun
is where I want to be
reading or maybe
writing poetry.

A walk in the park
is also very nice
talking about nothing
long into the night.

And if you want
to know my fantasies,
that is simple
just be good to me.

I really don’t like
going high in the air
and if the room is rather small
I have trouble breathing in there.

Of course
I have a little OCD
please don’t mess my desk,
don’t touch my things.

Lemon is the scent
that calms my nerves
and you know, of course
I love naughty words.

I generally say
what is on my mind
which gets me in trouble
from time to time.

I love hard
and I love true
but mostly
I am glad to have met you.


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