Dance With Me – A Duet


Take my hand
lead me to the floor
dance with me
like never before

I’ll place my hand
in the small of your back
the world around us
fades into black

My eyes close
I feel the rhythm of you
there is nothing else
just we two

I pull you closer still
just to feel you near
dance with me my darling
I’m so glad we’re here

Breathe on my neck
run your hands over me
lead me across the floor
darling, dance with me

The feel of your skin
the scent of your hair
you captivate me
in this sultry affair

The music has stopped
but I don’t want to
dance with me forever
I’m so into you

My sweet loving girl
now let’s go to bed
there never was music
it’s all in our head

A Duet by nottooold2 & bruisedbelly

We just can’t stop writing together. When you find such a perfect dancing partner you never want the music to stop.  What more is there to say.


12 thoughts on “Dance With Me – A Duet

  1. I love this. Him and her, back and forth, Yin and Yang. I love the whole “he said she said” thing. You guys are poetry in motion.

    But without the motion. Well… if there’s motion involved we really don’t need to know about it.


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