That Girl


She’s that girl, they call when they’re feeling down
she fills the gap when their usual girl is not around.

When they need a lift from down to up
someone to talk them through a nut.

She’ll get the call so late at night
can you talk, I’m not feeling right?

Oh baby, I’ll say everything,
on the telephone, I’ll be your fling.

Yep, she’s the girl who fills the spaces
in between the lonely places.

She’s not the girl you take home
to meet the kids or even mom.

No, she is the rebound girl
to momentarily brighten your world.

To give your ego a boost
when someone else has left it reduced.

Yep, use her up and throw her out
that’s what this girl is all about.

She is broken, bruised and not good for much
but she’ll make you feel good, when you need some touch.

Everyone knows a girl like this,
and all she wants is to be more than you think she is.


19 thoughts on “That Girl

  1. Powerful words!! You spoke of my life until I decided to start saying one little word … NO … and stuck by it. I learned to create healthy boundaries for myself, something I was never taught. xx


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