Simoultanious Release (Wet & Wonderful)

Wet and Wonderful indeed!

Insecurely Confident


I need you on top of me
So I can see you cum
SEE you FEEL each stroke
Each stroke is just for YOU

Cum for me my dear
I need to feel you drip
Feel you dripping down on me
Dripping Oh so sweet

Deep inside I feel
Feel your velvet grasp
I belong to you
You belong to me

Tumescent pounding
The scent of sex prevails
We feel the timing cum
Cumming close we must

Don’t you dare hold back
I swear we’ll time it right
A final thrust, a nipple pinch
Release! Drip, drip, drip…

(We kiss)

NOTE: Don’t even think about telling me this doesn’t rhyme or follow some pre-determined poetic pattern. Some things are just about FEEL. Tattoos and sex…. Deal with it. And if you can’t deal with it, sucks to be you. I feel like fucking today.

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