And The Truth Is

The truth is
sometimes I just don’t know

I just don’t understand
I simply don’t have
a clear comprehension
of who I am

I still get tripped up on
the little things
like feelings
and plans
and tomorrows

and sometimes even

but I’m really good with today
and most of the time
I now exactly what to say

but promises trip me up
because I can’t control everything

and no matter what you say
I’m not as strong
as I need to be
and you know what
sometimes I don’t even
feel like I’m pretty

I get much more easily
than anyone can ever tell
so then I stumble
and I fall
and I feel so small

so the truth is
I am just
a silly clumsy girl
trying to make it
in this great big stupid world


26 thoughts on “And The Truth Is

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  2. It’s all in how we choose to use the struggle, we can let it break us, or we can use it to make ourselves be the people we want to be. Some days we lose sight of this, and the struggle itself is all we can hold on to… Just some thoughts, not trying to be preachy. πŸ˜‰


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