I Am A Statistic

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

I am a statistic

I am a number

you know

the numbers we brush away

under the counter

one of four

easy to ignore

but I’m here to say

we don’t go away

we are in every crowd

and we stand proud

we stand tall

we will not fall

we will advocate

we will NOT break

Yes, I am a statistic

I am a number

I am a beautiful strong dignified women

I am sexually aware, fulfilled, accepting and giving

I am NOT broken nor am I a victim

But I’ll be damned if I will turn a blind eye to crimes committed to others.

Sexual Violence Statistics

1 in 3 American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime. (George Mason University, Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, 2005)
1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18. (Finkelhor et al., 1990)
In 2002 247,730 people were raped/sexually assaulted in the US, according to a National Crime Victimization Survey (www.ncvc.org)
In 2002, 54% of rapes and sexual assaults were reported to the police (www.ncvc.org)
Every 2 minutes someone somewhere in America is sexually violated (www.rainn.org)

17 thoughts on “I Am A Statistic

  1. You are strength and you are beauty beyond the confines of your skin. With all you feel and all you express -You make me proud to be a woman BruisedBelly.XO, Jayne


  2. Thanks for re-blogging this. It shows how many women are dealing with the emotional effects of these issues. They affect every thought a woman (or man) has for the rest of their life. It’s a difficult subject, but an incredibly important one. πŸ™‚


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