What My Mother Taught Me

It is what it is!

The Migraine Chronicles

What my mother taught me…

I am most certainly lazy
I will never amount to a damn thing
I should be lucky if someone
wants to give me a wedding ring

I am not quite as pretty as the rest
just mediocre at best

my clothes – a little trashy
my words and attitude too brash
I’m not smart enough to run with the boys
they would look at me as a toy

So I considered her words
and this is what I learned

Everyday I have to work harder
I have to prove myself smarter

I need to watch what I eat
work out, and get enough sleep
I learned to wear my makeup like a pro
I color my hair, just so
I am always looking my best
as good as, if not, better than the rest

and as far as those boys go
well, Mother doesn’t need…

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