Liebster Award

So, my friend Jayne has nominated me for the Liebster award.  I am humbled and honored!!

Please check out her site Diary Incarnate if you have not already.  She shoots from the hip and writes from the heart.  Trust me you won’t want to miss a thing she has to say.



Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.

2. Display the award on your blog–by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.

3. Answer 11 questions about yourself which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

5. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs you feel deserve this award, who have less than 1000 followers.

6. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.

7. List these rules on your post.

Once you have written and published it, you then have to:

8. Inform people/blogs that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for them to your post so they can learn about it (they might not have heard of it!)


So here are Jayne’s questions to me –

1. Do you collect anything and what is it? – No, I don’t.  Well, I guess that’s a lie.  I collect quotes on Pinterest, and here.  I collect words.  I don’t collect things.

2. What trait do you have that irritates other people? – Seriously, some people hate the fact that I breathe.  But I find that the trait that irritates the most people consistently is my mouth, my forever opinionated mouth.

3. What type of person are you at a friendly party? – The life of the party.  The girl who is holding center stage yet being aware of everything going on.  I love to socialize.

4.  What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? – Publish a novel, and open a non-profit center for those with developmental disabilities.

5.  What sense would you give up if you had to? – smell

6.  What was your favorite toy when you were a little kid? – Matchbox cars

7. Do you have a weird memory from when you were a kid?  For instance:  I remember a neighbor that I was warned about – He shadow boxed on his garage door and he would put his head to the ground and listen for trains or so I was told. Basically what is something strange that you remember from when you were a young kid. – I was in a horrible auto accident when I was very young, the only thing I remember was waking up in a field with EMS around me, I remember it clearly, however I’ve been told it didn’t happen the way I remember it.

8. Do you believe that open toed high heels are inappropriate attire for a female to wear to work? – Fuck NO!!

9. Do you know or have you heard of any women that wake up and pee in the shower when they are  getting “dressed and ready” in the morning? – I don’t, I don’t know of anyone who does.

10. Can you tell me about one of the most beautiful vistas you have ever seen? – I don’t have anything specific that comes to mind.  I love looking out over the water.

11. If you could instantly have another education and full range of knowledge about a subject mater that would put you in a career you can’t have right this moment, what would it be? – All things related to Human Services.

And Now 11 random things? (my poetry is an open book, but this is difficult)

1.  I do not like to talk about myself.  Feelings, emotions, yeah, that’s fine and good, but me, no, not so much, so this blows…

2. I do not watch “scary” movies.  If I want to be scared, I’ll turn on the news.

3. I cannot stand my hair in my face.  I will let it down for appearance, but for all functional purposes it will be up in a ponytail or I will have glasses on my head holding my hair back.

4. My desks, both at work and home must at all times have a blue and red pen, plus a mechanical pencil, placed to my left.  Sounds OCD I know, but it’s how I function.

5. I hate talking on the phone in most cases.  I love to text, e-mail and any form of the written word.  I like to open and cherish every word that someone gives to me, like a gift.  Even the mean and bad ones.  I just really like words.

6. With that said I do love the sound of some people’s voices.  If I fall in love with a voice that person could talk about shit and I would get excited.

7. I love the light and hate the dark.  My bedroom has five lights. I sleep with at least one light on, unless I have a headache, then I go black.

8. I detest boastfulness in a person.  That’s not to say one shouldn’t understand one’s self-worth.  What I can’t stand is those who proclaim themselves superior to others.

9. I have always believed I would die at 51, and until recently have been perfectly fine with that, even planned for that.  But now I’m not so sure I’m alright with that, now I’ve had a little glimpse of the future and I like it.

10. I will drive a back road as opposed to the highway any day of the week.  Nothing pisses me off more than sitting still on a highway.  I would rather drive 5 miles out of my way if it meant I would be moving the entire time.

11. I have milked cows, but never ridden a horse.


And now my questions for my nominees

1.  If you had to wear a warning label, what would yours be?

2.  The one topic that really gets you riled up, your “soap box”?

3.  Do you find the use of alcohol or another substance enhances your writing experience?

4.  Do you have a favorite time of day to write?

5.  Do you have a favorite place to write?

6.  Sugar or waffle cone?

7.  What is one of your “coping mechanisms”?  For instance when I become anxious, I know the smell of lemons calms me, or if I’m pissed the fuck off I need to clean and organize.

8.  Celebrity you’d most like to have a drink with.

9.  Smartphone app you cannot live without.

10.  Why did you start to write?

11.  Have you ever written about someone who you know will never read your words?


Now to nominate other new bloggers who have less than 1000 followers.

1.  Underground Energy -You simply MUST go over to Lisa’s site.  Lisa has been to the Hell that most of us just talk about, she has clawed her way out, and she so generously shares her journey with us, like it’s no big deal.  She is one damn strong women!!

2.  Chole Into Diamonds

3.  Finding a Way Back

4.  My Invisible Crown

5.  best poetry blog in the cosmos



7 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. I believe people who boast about themselves do so because they have little or no self worth. Self worthiness is shown by deeds. Not empty words.

    I love all your random things. When you started with “I have milked a cow…” my mind thought you were going to finish with “… but not a chicken.” I have no idea where that came from. Random.


      • Oh my gosh!! How insensitive of me!!!! I meant to start with a hearty congratulations on the Liebster Award. Your deeds speak volumes and prove how worthy you are of this award. Oh… and may I suggest you share this award with… um… a certain gentlemanly co-blogger. I’m sure you’ll come up with something appropriate.


        • HA!! Thank You very much 😀
          I know NOT what you speak of concerning any gentlemanly men at all (rolls eyes and giggles).
          In actuality he should be posting his own acceptance (as he also received the award from the wonderful Jayne) sometime next week.


  2. I am totally with you on #5 about the phone. I gave you an imaginary high five on that one. Texting and email I’m fine. Hell, email I can go on and on. The phone… sometimes have a lot of silence there.


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