Let It Be

Juno Beach Pier under the golden light of sunrise.

last night he came to visit me
I thought it very odd indeed
here in my dreams
in the dead of the night

I was concerned
it didn’t seem right
he said
don’t worry,
please take my hand

come with me
please let’s walk
it’s been too long
we need to talk

I miss you
of course you know
but you must move on
you must let go

our time was beautiful
but our time has passed
we both knew
it couldn’t last

if you want to be
completely happy
you have to let go
you have to let it be

then the boy
with curly blond hair
walked away
to the edge of the pier

I turned,
and wiped
one single tear

in the distance I heard a faint Sammy song
I laughed to myself
woke up
and moved on


13 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. Wow – I understand this – having lost someone a little over two years ago. i still miss him very much and there is a part of me that still cannot let go, though I know i must. I think that if i do, I will forget him and us and i do not want this to ever happen.


  2. I have recently lost someone close…not from death…a narcissist….and I have to let go…I have dreams…perhaps more like nightmares…but I have to let go. I read your comments to others, and yes, perhaps I should not forget so that I learn.


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