Sail Away

Another pleasurable writing experience with nottooold2. Always a supportive writing partner even when we are not writing together. Everyone should be so lucky. Take the time to read his other work. Besides writing some steamy hot poetry, he has very loving and thought provoking pieces as well.

Insecurely Confident

A duet:   bruisedbelly and nottooold2

Come and take my hand sweetheart

it’s time for us to go

time to make a brand new start

on wind and current flow

You and I together

sailing away to distant shores

I can’t think of anything better

there is nothing I want more

Lay with me upon this deck

we’ll set our sails aloft

on winds of passion bodies trek

waves rolling hard and soft

We’ll watch this day’s sun set

And tomorrow’s sun rise

As water and sky reflect

in both our loving eyes

Walking barefoot, hand in hand

on beaches so sublime

we covet not a grain of sand

but for the sands of time

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