What Men Want (A response)

Because nottooold2 is always reminding me it’s about balance – You gotta love this guy 😀

Insecurely Confident


In the spirit of balance….
a response to my wonderful writing partner, bruisedbelly

Thank you dear for telling us
we sometimes miss the clues
but now I’ll take this opportunity
to share some Manly views

We need a lot of sex
more than you even know
we want it hard and fast
we like it soft and slow

We want you to surprise us
naked at the door
calling from the bedroom
screaming you want more

Of course we know to woo
and listen to your thoughts
but when there is no payoff
we get all distraught

Don’t misunderstand
it’s not a tit for tat
we are basic creatures
no denying that

YOU need to feel desired
to feel the primal urge
WE need the primal acts
to feel a caring surge

The chicken or the egg
which one was the first
let’s meet in the middle
to quench our…

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