Will You Visit Me Tonight

will you?

The Migraine Chronicles

When I close my eyes
and lay down my sleepy head
will you visit me tonight
here in my bed

I donโ€™t want to be alone
I want to be with you
cuddle up close
our bodies spooned

but if you canโ€™t
be here with me
please pay a visit
to my dreams

please whisper
sweet nothings into my ear
say lovely words
I need to hear

please take me gently
and take me slow
in my dreams
we have control

please stay with me
through the night
be with me
until morning light

tomorrow is
another day
but tonight
I need you to stay

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4 thoughts on “Will You Visit Me Tonight

  1. What a wonderful sentiment. Don’t we all wish we had someone wishing those thoughts about us? It’s so easy to take those we have for granted. I hope you don’t mind if I send this to my wife next week when I’m out of town.


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