I’m Sorry, I Don’t Remember Your Name

I’m sorry
I don’t remember your name
your eyes or your face

you told me you loved me
but it was the wrong
day, time and place

I was drunk and high
the only thing
on my mind
getting my next line

you were a nice boy
quiet and shy
but you were stupid
to fall for me
in my condition of uncertainty

in my
mess of restlessness

every night I’d send you away
but you’d be back
the very next Friday
proclaiming your love
just the same

now I’m sorry
I just can’t remember your name


8 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, I Don’t Remember Your Name

  1. You may not recall me,
    But I recall you –
    And yes, I forgive
    All the things that you do.

    For the heartache that comes
    From being forgot
    Is a small price to pay
    For a passion so hot.

    So hot, God, the sun
    In its wickedest blaze
    Could not ever equal
    You on your worst days

    But envies instead
    That you burn ever bright
    For e’en it’s heat
    Must retreat in the night

    While yours becomes stronger
    Consumes as it burns
    For that kind of fire,
    Even ghosts like me yearn.

    And that’s what I am
    Just a ghost made of ash
    Burned out in your passion,
    And forgotten at last.

    But still do I linger,
    And still do I yearn,
    And still do I hope
    Once again to be burned.


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