Somewhere I Shouldn’t Be


driving too fast
along I5
trying hard to keep his memory alive

and yet

trying to get the smell of him
off of me
I was somewhere I shouldn’t be

his touch, his arms, his kiss
called to me
and I answered the call

meeting underneath the pier
we find peace
in the quiet
of the solitude here

time is limited
time is at stake
hurry now
we cannot wait

it could be months
it could be weeks
one day is too long
when I need him with me

one day is too long
when it could be the last
we know it is wrong
as we walk past

other couples holding hands on this beach
as we find
our same old secluded

as we forget
every wrong in this world
and become
just one boy and one girl

now I am driving
along the highway too fast
wishing somehow
I could have made
that last moment



16 thoughts on “Somewhere I Shouldn’t Be

  1. Wow… This actually got a few tears from me. You’re incredibly talented BB. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world ❀


      • How do you manage to make your writing so simple and to the point, yet so emotional at the same time?? I only wait in vain hopes that I will be as talented as you some day ❀


        • I don’t try to do anything. I just write what I feel. I write exactly how I speak. And I guess it works. I’ve been told I’m lazy with my writing, but people seem to like it just fine. What I’ve learned is to not discount myself, and no matter how unimportant I feel the subject matter is, there may be someone who needs to hear and/or feel that message at that moment. And that’s what I goes with.

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  2. Hmm… That sounds similar to me actually πŸ™‚ I write things that I think “this is so lame”, but I post it anyway, and 9times out of 10 they’ve ended up my most popular posts πŸ™‚

    I just hope I can be as good as some of the blogs I’m currently addicted to (mainly you and notooold2), but I forget I’m only 17 and that I have many years of experience yet to come to fuel more words and more emotional pieces πŸ™‚


    • Yep dear that is true. Memories make for great writing. I was just telling nottooold2 that the other day. This piece is actually over 20 years old, it just took that long to find it’s way to words. That’s how things work sometimes.


      • My problem is I need to learn to pace. I write things as soon as they enter my head, and yeah it’s a good thing to get it out there, but I don’t then have time to process the words and think them through. They go straight through me and I don’t really get chance to sit and work out where it’s really coming from…


        • There is nothing wrong with that. But if you want the time to process, then write, save as a draft, process, and go back to it. If you still have strong convictions about the piece then post it. If not hold on to it and think about it. I have 70 drafts. Sometimes I think about things a long time. I also have 15 private pieces I wrote that I don’t share. Sometimes you have to write just for yourself πŸ˜‰


  3. Lifetimes are made up of memories sweet
    Offset by the tang of regret…
    So when illicit lovers take chance. then to meet,
    ‘Tis a recipe they shan’t forget.
    Better to live, so I say, then to dream
    And lament to have never had done,
    For the living is worth every sigh, every scream,
    And of life, well, we only have one.


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