The Walking Wounded

We are all wounded.

The Migraine Chronicles

walking wounded

We are all walking wounded
bandaged from top to bottom
some of us cover it better
some of us have forgotten

others continue to pour salt
into the open wounds
then they grumble and complain
that it still hurts

but we are all the same
whatever color, sex or creed
we all hurt, bruise, and bleed
we sew up, we bandage the wounds

we move on
we carry our hurt
some will tell me
I am simple and naive

but in my heart
I still believe
that good is stronger than evil
and if we love ALL of the people

maybe the life we save
could be our own
maybe I am off base
maybe I am wrong

I used to look at people and think
they had it better than me
now I look at them and I see
we are the same

our wound is just different

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