His Mistress

I lost
even before the battle began

you see
his mistress
comes in a can

or bottle
needle or pipe
should venture into his life

attempts to love
are simply in vain
in the end
it’s just the cause of
each others pain

his cravings
are stronger than
his will to live
he thirsts
for much more than
I can give

I’ve stopped my life
dead in my tracks
cancelled my future
erased my past
said goodbye to everything
never looked back

it’s not enough
to feed his hunger
he is continually and constantly
searching for another


to get his fix
find a
better thrill
perhaps this time
in the form
of a pill

I am simply human
made of
flesh and bone
he doesn’t
get high
off me alone

I’ll never be able
to fulfill his needs
the pull of his mistress
is stronger


12 thoughts on “His Mistress

  1. We all have a mistress… Boy or girl. Most of us are lucky enough that the mistress only comes out when we are alone. And doesn’t hurt anyone. My wife’s happens to be sewing. Mine is flying airplanes. We both benefit from each other’s mistress. It is a pretty neat relationship.

    I am sorry that yours was not so beneficial. A big hug for surviving…. it’s not easy or fun.


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