Daddy’s Reward ~ A Duet

Introducing my most recent duet partner Wet Bliss.  I know most of you know her already because she is a fantastic steamy hot writer.  But she is new to the duet scene, and I’m honored to have been her first.  If by crazy odd chance you have not been over to her site Wet Bliss, you simply must, because you are missing out on some really amazing stuff.


Daddy’s Reward ~ A Duet by Wet Bliss & bruisedbelly

Break through our resistance
With your steadfast persistence
Unable to withstand
We move at your command

It doesn’t take but a simple touch
We fall victim in your clutch
Waiting for you to grant permission
May we proceed with our mission

Urged toward one another
For your visual wonder
Down on our knees, ready to tease
Fingernails scrape against the seams

Fingers twined in our hair
Desires begin to flare
Encouraged to explore
Our mouths hunger for more

Deft fingers getting to work
We see you begin to smirk
We feel you stiffen and grow
We concur and know

Pushing down your saturated briefs
You immediately feel the relief
Pants pooled around your ankles
You reach to give our nipples a tweak

Tongues darting out
Kissing you up and down
Lapping all around
Savoring our sounds

Taking the enflamed tip
Between swollen parted lips
Stretched jaws over crown
Taking every inch down

Mixing our juicy essence
Against your throbbing erection
Wet slurping submission
Swallowing your seed with permission

We are good girls who care
That’s why we learned to share
Daddy’s reward

I had a great time writing with Wet Bliss, and really she did most of the writing (truth), I just played with words and stuff.  We want to give a little shout out to nottooold2 for bringing us together for this exceptional experience.  It seems his vivid imagination has proved fruitful.


26 thoughts on “Daddy’s Reward ~ A Duet

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    Like the first real kiss this experience will forever be etched in my memory. It was a privilege to write with the incredibly talented bruisedbelly, she sparked a flame and fueled my fire, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Thanks nottooold for bringing us together; it was magical!
    PSA – for the two readers who don’t know these two yet you best go find out, or miss out. 🙂


  2. Two of the hottest writers I know,
    Forces combined, toe to toe
    Against my resistance to siren’s call –
    A one-two punch, and down I fall
    Into a bliss of pure desire
    By two who burn as hot as fire,
    One Bruisedbelly, one Wetbliss,
    Two too hot in this duet’s kiss!



  3. Er… Blb@a#ck fr#*s@cj if only dcc&#ck!!!!!
    Words escape me.
    Two hot women writing too hot prose. Spectacular job, ladies. Applause, applause.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reblogged this on Insecurely Confident and commented:
    Love the magic these ladies created together. Something told me they might hit it off and I hope they had fun playing together. 🙂 Maybe there will more couplings some time down the road.
    Thanks bruisedbelly and Wet Bliss for entertaining the idea and your readers. And me (he said with and evil grin).


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