Cum Together

Yesterday nottooold2 and I wrote two Duets simultaneously. Both aggressively sexual as was the mood and both equally enjoyable to write. Honey I’m Home was posted on my page and Cum Together was posted on his. Today I get to share Cum Together on my page 🙂

Insecurely Confident

A duet by: bruisedbelly and nottooold2


That is when it starts to get filthy
when I hear the words and melody
that is when those feelings
start to come over me

An old familiar tune
sends my erotic mind reeling
swaying to the rhythm
of that Sexual Healing

Sweet drippy lyrics
just isn’t going do
I want to sing about
me banging you

I’ll tare off your clothes
and will not wait too long
just like ol’ T-Rex
you’ll fuck and bang my dong

You’re grabbing my peaches
you’re shaking my tree
isn’t that what Steve Miller said
you’d do to me

T-Rex and Steve Miller
Gaye as good as ever
but turn on the Beatles, babe
and let us Cum Together

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