Friday’s Song ~ Stay With Me

Usually on Friday I post dance music.  I’ve got a little something different this Friday.

I think this song is so poignant and raw.

I believe most of us have felt this way at one point or another, reaching out to someone just to feel something, knowing at the time it is not right, but still very much needing it.  But how long, how long do we let that feeling hold, when do we let go?  Sometimes we hold on too long, we know it’s not love, we know it’s not real, but we are still holding on, we are still just wanting someone to hold our hand and stay with us…


8 thoughts on “Friday’s Song ~ Stay With Me

  1. Oh man, this is spooky. When I read the kitchen duet on Wet Bliss’ website, this song came into my head and I was humming it to myself (which no one wants to hear) when I came over here. I am a relatively new Sam Smith fan and I LOVE this song!

    Thanks for the duet AND the duet in my head as I hummed along with Sam.


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