Something’s Cooking ~ A Duet

Wet Bliss so wonderfully agreed to help me with my lacking culinary skills. It seems we are both better at playing then cooking 😉

Wet Bliss


Come into the kitchen of Wet Bliss & BruisedBelly

It’s getting hot, so relax and grab a tube of jelly

We are sorry; it may have gotten a bit untidy

As it happened we got a bit distracted

Two pleasing girls with nothing better to do

Except spend a full day in the kitchen for you

Seeing as you said it is where we belong

Considering you work so hard all-day long

We work well together sharing each task

We have a secret recipe; please don’t ask

It did get a little sticky and surely sweet

We took extra care with this sultry treat

Working together on the meal we fixed

Putting together a hot steamy sautéing mix

Because you work hard it’s the least we can do

We know that you will return late, tired and true

Dinner is sizzling and it’s stifling hot

Here let me help you…

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2 thoughts on “Something’s Cooking ~ A Duet

  1. Such a naughty duo, you two!! I would give my corporate aircraft to be able to join in the kitchen this wonderful evening.

    Oh wait… I don’t have a corporate aircraft. But I do have a Dinky Toy.


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