Dirt On Your Hands

I am not afraid of you
you putrid excuse of a man
for I can see
the dirt on your hands

I can see the guilt
in your eyes
you hide behind a suit
a title and tie

you have your friends
and your family
but I smell
your lies

did you think
I’d forget
that it would fade away


it is still as clear
as if it where yesterday
did you think
I’d crawl into a hole and die

am I supposed to
shut my mouth
so you can live
your precious life

Well fuck you!

I have a voice
and as long as I
have the means
and the strength to carry on

I will talk
I will write
I will pass the truth along

until every monster like you
is long gone


14 thoughts on “Dirt On Your Hands

  1. Damn this is Great!! POWERFUL. Gah!!!
    Remind me to buy you a beer some day!!! I’m going to hug your guts out for this first, and then we’ll share a beer. πŸ™‚


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