Don’t Forget To Touch Yourself


“Don’t forget to touch yourself”

little words he says to me

like he has to remind me

to do these things

like I don’t go back and read each word I may have missed

like I don’t replay conversations in my head

like I don’t remember everything he has said

like I don’t chastise myself for the words I didn’t say

or how I could have said it a different way

like I don’t notice every single little thing

everything said, read, and unseen

like my mind isn’t always going too fast

even when it is at rest

and my body isn’t in constant turmoil

from his heat and his fire

and how he makes my blood boil

and as I write that

I giggle out loud

because my body is already

where my brain is not

and I love him for reminding me

self-love helps calm the mind tremendously


7 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Touch Yourself

  1. How nice to be reminded. There are times even the most hardened writer needs to know his writings are appreciated. Thank you for writing this about me.

    WHAT?!?! oh…
    never mind.

    Seriously, this is beautifully written.


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