Still no new words. Just staying happy 🙂

The Migraine Chronicles


Most folks are about as happy as they choose to be

and I

choose to be happy.

Oh, but how can that be

you’ve been through hell and back

Yes, I have been Through

And, I have come back

the devil said

girl stay a while

I said, no devil

I choose to smile

I choose to share my love

I choose Blessings from above

I choose to be happy

it’s MY choice, you see

and Nobody

can take that from Me

no words, no thoughts, no deeds

from any other

my happiness is up to me

The same is true for all of You

you can choose the same thing too,

Your happiness is up to You!!!


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4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. How did I miss this one? I guess I was away. I LOVE this. I have to remind myself of this too. Yet another one of yours to print off and put on my cupboard door.

    I choose to be happy. Thanks.


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