Summer Lovin’ ~ A Duet

Wet Bliss invited me to hang pool side with her. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that when Wet Bliss invites to hang, fun is sure to follow…

summer lovin

Listening to the stereo
perfect poolside scenario
beverages going down easy
making us feel kindda sleazy

Joyous summer vacations
gorgeous visual temptations
sun beating down on our skin
makes us both feel young again

Glistening skin adds stimulation
demanding closer exploration
taking off our bikini tops
easily slathering on sunblock

Splashing games in the pool
snickering like silly fools
it is boys against the girls
each side is looking to score

Girl on girl obsessive affections
get the men’s excited attentions
the look in their heated eyes
blatant bulge’s cannot tell a lie

Distracted from their losing game
smoothly maneuvers with new aim
drying off and pairing off
all of the clothing is dropped

Damp towels placed upon the ground
girls form a circle and kneel down
men presenting dripping crowns
squeals of delight all around

Sizzling fun under the sun
wanton girls begging “please cum”
onto our awaiting sun-kissed breasts
it’s a great day for a love fest

As you can see I had a great time hanging pool side with Wet Bliss, I’m so happy she invited me!!  If you have not been over to her site, you need to go check it out and read about her many other adventures.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll invite you someday 😉


14 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ ~ A Duet

  1. BB,
    You always make it so easy to fun! Thanks once again for a splendid day of play out in the (much needed) sun. I really had a great time. 😉


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