All Men Lie

I wrote this for my “little” girl five months ago. She’s done a lot of growing since then. I’ll just say she has leveled the playing ground and her crown sure isn’t falling 😉

The Migraine Chronicles


The other night my daughter cried
she said, mom, do all men lie
I said, yes baby
I’m afraid so

then, she cried some more,
after that she asked
but why, I don’t understand
I don’t either, my darling dear

all I know is the truth
and that is they will lie to you
they lie to get you in bed
and they lie to get you out

they lie about the color of sky
they lie about your damn eyes
they lie when they forget your name
they lie ’cause they’re playing the game

girl, men are gonna lie to you
there is not a fucking thing you can do
except look them straight in the eyes
and call them on their lies

and learn to play a better game
make the playing level the same
girl, those men are going to lie you
quit your crying
pick up…

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