I’m in love with his laugh

I’m in love with his laugh
it’s the greatest thing
but he made my heart stop
when I heard him sing

I don’t know
if he’s fully aware
with every little gift
he gives and he shares

he pulls me in closer
than I was before
rattles my senses
shakes me to the core

I’m in love with the way
that he cusses
when he gets mad
and he fusses

I just want
to give him a kiss
when he gets
all cranky and pissed

I’m in love
with his laughter
and the smile
that comes after


11 thoughts on “I’m in love with his laugh

  1. Singing is a gift from the heart. And when it is done well, it can melt hearts. I will spread plastic on the floor around you so we don’t lose your heart as it melts.

    You are both so lucky.


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