Let’s see if I can

I met a boy
or rather, a man
I’d like to tell you about him
let’s see if I can

He makes me smile
from the inside out
it doesn’t matter
what we are talking about

He pulls me close
to hold me tight
I’d like to explain this
but my words aren’t right

He offers me comfort
without a sound
just knowing he’s with me
the feeling – is profound

He makes me tingly
from my head to toes
and the places in-between
including my… nose

He gets me wet
with just a look
I’ve got it bad
Yep, I’m hooked

I’m honestly in awe
that he bothers with me
I don’t understand
what it is he sees

But I’m sure not questioning
because he might change his mind
and men like him
you just can’t find


9 thoughts on “Let’s see if I can

  1. I can certainly see what he see’s in you (well… most of it anyway. I’ll avert my eyes for the steamy bits.)

    You are a great catch and he is a fine gentleman (or at least I think that’s what he told me to say.) You two deserve each other.


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