I May Never Be Strong Enough

I took a vacation for vacation’s sake
they said relax and take a break
enjoy yourself and have some fun
dance a little, drink some rum

What they didn’t know and I wouldn’t say
what I hoped my face didn’t give away
was that I needed closure, I needed truth
I needed to tie up ends that were loose

So I drove to all the familiar places
and erased from my heart all the traces
of all the hurt and all the pain
I convinced myself to begin again

I sat in the park and wrote a bit
I thought of my life and reflected on it
I stood in the room that hurt the most
I prayed to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

I was released of hate and granted peace
that heavy weight was lifted from me
I may never be strong enough to forgive
but I know I want to be free to live


11 thoughts on “I May Never Be Strong Enough

    • My truth is, I don’t know that I’ll ever forgive. But I don’t hate anymore, I don’t feel anything anymore towards/about/for the baggage I carried around for years. And that’s good enough for me.


      • I think releasing the hate or anger is the first step to forgiveness. While I don’t hate my ex, from time to time I am still angry for what she did. I think it’s easier to forgive someone who doesn’t mean as much to you as someone you’ve loved.

        The hardest part about forgiving my ex is that I don’t believe she needs/wants my forgiveness. She knows what she did hurt me, but… it felt right to her. So I am sure that I will forgive her in my heart some day, but I doubt I will ever say “I forgive you” because she may not think she did anything wrong because in her mind, our marriage was over long before she betrayed me.

        Anywho, I am glad you were able to leave that baggage behind. =)


  1. This is perfect. The difference between letting go and forgiveness is a very fine line. There is no statute of limitations on forgiveness, it comes about only when your heart is ready.


    • That’s good to know. That there is no statute of limitations, because I may forget before I forgive, if I’m being honest with myself. I’m human, I’m not in the business of forgiving. Thanks for understanding.


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