Charm ~ A Duet

By Johnny Ojanpera & Bruised Belly

Your beauty is all that I see
Outside it shows a reality
Though you cover your face
It radiates through from within

My make-up is what you see
The hours I spend covering me
To show the world my pretty side
They never see what lies inside

I see much further than skin deep
It is in your words and your steps
There is no cover for these things
You can’t help yourself out of this

These are the words you say
They are easy to speak for one day
But when the make-up washes clean
I know you won’t want the real me

The real is all I am allowed to see
So let the water wash it all away
I insist that beauty is within you
Without a glance, glowing through

You stubborn man just let me be
I’m not ready for your reality
It’s much easier for me to cover up
Then let someone in and truly love

So Lisa suggested it was time for Johnny and I to write together again.  Who could say no to that suggestion?  I love to write with Johnny, it is always a wonderful experience 🙂


16 thoughts on “Charm ~ A Duet

  1. Johnny is right and I am willing to argue his point until I’m blue in the face. 🙂
    Thank you Lisa for suggesting they write again!!!
    Thank you Johnny for saying the exact right things.
    And thank you bruisdedbelly for being the wonderfully stubborn and beautiful woman you are. 🙂


  2. This is Charming. I love the back-and-forth of it and, like ol’ what’s his name and Johnny, I can’t be emphatic enough about your beauty. Wash all that makeup off. The real BB shines through brightly and strongly much better without it. (I’m pretty sure that’s horrible grammar but I don’t care. )


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