Love Spurned by Lack of Touch & Feeling

I just felt compelled to share this. It is wonderful.

Southern Nights

We who feel so much,
love and care
beyond reproach
are at times
to those who,
not as we are,
so full
of that power
of affective relation

reach out and almost
want to touch
that ancient feeling
of  being human;

and in our wavering,
realize that others

in our lives may not
share our path,

nor even feel
as we do in this being

of our touching self
(the hand, t
he kiss,
the shared moment
of the eyes
crossed by gulfs
of this room, a
of a moment’s
reaching out
to bridge that gap,
a life that is not ours); nor
awaken or allure a tear,
or a smile that passes
and brings
us to that point of love,
of light and all
the channelings of touch;

when of a sudden
we are crushed,
before we start
to this ugly truth:

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