Our Moment In Time ~ A Duet


A Duet Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

Orange cones was all I could see
the construction zone was killing me
spinning swiftly into anxiety
until his voice rescued me

And there he stood, my own Batman
my knees grew weak, could I stand
the closer he came the more I froze
glancing carefully from head to toes

So many miles just for this chance
to see her bright smile, if only a glance
a vision of beauty in cream colored lace
no man alive could slap the smile from my face

She parked her car and stepped from the door
my arms wrapped around her, waiting no more
closing my eyes to savor the moment
kissing her lips I said, “I need a donut.”

Holding him close and breathing him in
a kiss on the lips is where we begin
looking into his eyes he reads my need
I whisper in his ear, “Babe I have to pee”

Road weary, hungry, the bathroom a dream
I ordered our coffee and a big Boston Cream
she appeared at my side and gave me a smile
the most beautiful thing I had seen in a while

Standing next to him, the most comforting thing
like two long lost friends, rekindling
chatting and getting lost in his eyes
the only problem, not enough time

Lost in the twinkle and spark in her eyes
the shortness of time is what I despise
this first time of meeting, but sure not the last
connection of spirit that can’t be surpassed

Holding him close, melting into him
not ready for goodbye, didn’t we just begin
this slice of heaven I’ll hold tightly to
until we have meeting number two

We have written many piece together, but this particular writing experience was extra special!!Β  We’d like to thank all of our friends for your continued support and for making all of this so much fun πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Our Moment In Time ~ A Duet

  1. What? What’s everyone talking about? Was this at, like, a Country Style Donut place? And why was Batman at Country Style? I thought Elvis worked there.

    Oooohhhhhhh….. I GET it!!! Don’t tell me you guys actually met?!?! That was such a fucking teaser!! How did you not explode on the spot? And then a peck on the cheek and “See you next time.”

    You’re driving me wild with anticipation and I’m just sitting here reading. GO TEAM!! This was a really neat poem. Great duet.


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