Our Red Thread ~ A Duet


A Duet by Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

Our situation is limited, we know
yet we still choose it, and so
we cherish every second we get
about limitations, we don’t fret

It isn’t perfect by any stretch
each other’s drift we always “cetch”
make up words to suit our needs
this connection, desire feeds

Limited by space and time
connecting with words and rhyme
amazed by the similarities
happy being US, just WE

Simultaneous thoughts in our mind
never search for words to find
verbal liquid from our tongue
as flowing lyric beautifully sung

Some see a hurdle we see a leap
we swim across what others find too deep
limitations cannot break this connection
every hiccup just deepens our affection

“A Chinese proverb says an invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangled, but can never be broken.”

If you’ve read my page, you have probably already read Mr. Nottooold2’s work as we write together often.  If you have not been over to his page, Insecurely Confident, I do encourage you to go have a visit and read his independent writings.   He does offer a little bit of everything and is sure to keep you entertained.


13 thoughts on “Our Red Thread ~ A Duet

  1. I believe this to be true – a bittersweet truth. Just because finding the other end of the red thread hundreds of miles away is, well, hard. A bittersweet blessing.


  2. You two never disappoint, and this piece is heart warming indeed. Now tell me where can I find this red thread cause I’ve looked in the closet and under the bed and pulled and pulled on the loose thread at the hem, but never did it turn red.


  3. As for the thread….. I believe it was always there. Weaving it’s way through time and space until we both realized who was on the other end. Some people just mesh. Not sure how or why exactly, but who cares? It happens and its pretty damn sweet when it does. 🙂

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