Talking about my baby

He speaks to me in a language
my soul knows so well
I smile on the inside
as my heart begins to swell

His eyes don’t look at me
but rather, into my core
I don’t know how I lived without that
but I don’t want to, anymore

Those eyes are soft and gentle
as if he’s known my face all along
I could sit and stare back at him
all day or all night long

His smile a ray of sunshine
I know he saves for me
nothing in the world compares
to a smile, from my baby


16 thoughts on “Talking about my baby

  1. This is precious. I do not have a guy. But my older son can see through my emotions and feelings. He always has. My boys are my babies and they save me everyday with the thought of them and my love for them.


  2. How could anyone read this without smiling? Many of us have someone in our life that has this affect on us. The difference is, YOU put it into words so the rest of us can smile as we read. πŸ™‚
    Thank you.


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