The Show Must Go On

The curtain is lifted
she must play her part
she steps on the stage
sets aside her heart

The leading man leans in
for his kiss on the cheek
the script says
her knees go weak

She is the actress
she knows what to do
she flirts and swoons
right on cue

Her leading man
with cold hard eyes
has carefully rehearsed
all of his lies

The scene plays out
without a flaw
acting perfection
she will not fall

The audience adores
with oohs and ahhs
she turns and smiles
at the gleeful applause

The show must go on
just smile and wave
the curtain never goes down
for she gave her life away


8 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On

  1. i have been dancing on stage since I was 4 years old. and I have been living on a stage since I was born. it never changes – the costumes maybe, the make-up, the choreography, the script, even the actors/cast, but it never changes. the stage is the stage – we all play a part – some better than others, but we play a part. xx


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