Hump Day Music

According to Mr. Shelton, there is light (I’ll take neon) at the end of tunnel, And it’s about time, damn time!

After these last few weeks, I do think I’ll take a double, thanks for offering.



9 thoughts on “Hump Day Music

  1. A tumbler of The Captain’s finest dark, for me. A tumbler of whiskey (you tell me what kind… I’m buying) for you. And old Noodle Nut can bring his own. You’ve seen the table in the field. You and I will start drinking and wait for what’s-his-name to show up. I’ll bring two bottles, just in case. The longer he is, the happier we’ll be when he gets there.

    Great song, by the way.


    • It is a great song!!! I’ve been trying to figure how / when I can work it into a post. Today felt like the day πŸ™‚

      I’ll take Seagram’s Crown Dark Honey, please. Mr. Noodle Nut, may have to carry me out of there πŸ˜‰


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