Who the fuck brings one glass slipper anyway?


Who the fuck
brings one glass slipper to your door anyway?

Prince Charming
was a fraud
living off his daddy’s wealth and good name

The whole thing a lie
set up to fail from the start
based on false pretense
lies, rumors and a weak heart

A lonely girl
with one chance to escape
all her bets
on a simple Price Charming were placed

That lonely girl
should have thought twice
by a fairy godmother
and house mice

Perhaps her judgement
was a wee bit wrong
maybe that midnight dash
was her saying
“I just don’t belong”

Maybe she was simply
trying to get away
and Prince Charming’s
glass slipper shenanigans coaxed her to stay

This came to mind after a conversation with my daughter.Β  The conversation started with a knock on the door and went a little something like this…

Knock – Knock

Me -“hey, was that the door? Go answer it”

Daughter – “I don’t think so , and I don’t want to!”

Me – “It could be Prince Charming! You should answer the door.”

Daughter – “Fuck Prince Charming! What kind of asshole only brings one shoe to your door anyway? I don’t have time for that shit!”

So there you go Ladies and Gentlemen, I can assure you that MY daughter is certainly NOT holding out for Prince Charming.Β  And if you ever come knocking on our door, you had better be holding a pair of shoes, size 7, thank you very much!


24 thoughts on “Who the fuck brings one glass slipper anyway?

  1. You are definitely the tree that apple fell from. When she finds a MAN able to mentally spar with her they will both be in for a fantastic ride. AND, who runs in glass slippers anyway? They would shatter and cut her feet all to hell. Just saying.


  2. A great comment from your daughter, and a great poem that uses her line. My guess is that if Prince Charming went knocking on doors carrying a pair of shoes, there would’ve been more ladies to fit them. And that’s a fun line about the prince living off daddy’s fortune and name!


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