Yes, I Believe We’ve Met Before

I wrote this shortly after I met someone who I had no idea would become so important in my life. Although he did put the idea for this poem into my head, I never thought it would be a premonition of things to come…

The Migraine Chronicles

Yes, I believe we’ve met before
that face
I love and adore
our hearts
they beat as one
seeing you
I come undone
our souls
they dip and dance
they are not afraid
to take the chance
it is good to see you
my old friend
shall we start this again?


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11 thoughts on “Yes, I Believe We’ve Met Before

  1. Hmmm thanks. And he’s ok too. Meanwhile, I hope the light gets brighter. I LOVE this lightning thing you’ve done in the comment section. I’m a bit of a lightning nut. I love nasty weather. And the REAL nasty stuff rocks my boat. HA!! If I was in a boat, that would be literally.


    • I’m a huge fan of storms also!! That’s why the Thunder / Lightning theme πŸ˜‰
      I have no doubt the light will get brighter. I know I have great friends who sure aren’t letting it get any darker πŸ™‚


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