The Haunting of Me

I am awakened, with a sudden jolt
goosebumps, from head to toe
outside thunder and lightning bolts

Drowning in my own sweat
I shiver, I shake
in the uncomfortable mixture of hot, cold wet

The darkness is so bright
it burns my eyes
blinding me, in the dead of this night

The silence is deafening
in the quiet, my mind screams
I hear a faint, coarse breathing

“Who is it, who is here?”
“Guess who?” is the evil reply
as I am suddenly filled with fear

Frozen, unable to move
griped by fright compounded over time
I stare into the nothingness of the room

“How did you get here, where are you from?”
his laugh grows stronger now
“Please women, don’t play dumb!”

“You left the door open, you invited me in
you cried in the night
you begged for this sin”

The evil and the hissing continue on
as I lay listening
to my condemnation song

Finally he saunters
to the side of my bed
lays his grotesque hands upon my head

He whispers, softly into my ear
sleep now child
and awake with renewed fear

For I will visit you again each night
playing in the shadows of your mind
sleep now child, sleep tight, sleep tight

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