The Visual In My Head

The day may change, but the visual remains…

The Migraine Chronicles


Itโ€™s all up in my head
it is on my mind
I am thinking about it
all the time

The visual you planted
like a seed has grown
so now it has
a life of its own

the thought of you
inside of me
is what I currently
find so enticing

I gasp
I hold my breath
I bite my lip
as I close my eyes

I run my fingers
on my thighs
I touch myself
while I think of you

maybe you can feel it too
my nips are hard
my pulse racing fast

I am not sure
how long I will last

because I know at this moment
you feel the same thing
I know at this moment
we have the same wanting

and Iโ€™d much rather be
touching you
but touching myself
will have to do

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