One Foot in Reality

Things change, and things stay the same. That’s alright baby, that’s okay 🙂

The Migraine Chronicles

Plans I can’t make
trips I can’t take
my hands shake

Feet planted here
heart, mind, elsewhere
future clearly unclear

Black and white makes grey
the color of words we say
but it’s alright baby, it’s okay

Heart thumps out of my chest
holding on with bated breath
I just don’t know what is next

Fantasy and reality become blurred
holding back my words
some things should not be heard

I can’t explain it anyway
what can I possibly say
that I need you more each day

Can time be stopped for us
if we pout if we fuss
we can ignore we can discuss

But still time marches on
a different day a different song
twenty four more hours gone

Good morning how are you?
I’d feel better if you knew,
I want Both Feet next to you

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