Pissed Off Rhyme

she straddles the line
between right and wrong

sometimes she makes up words
to her own damn song

most days
she doesn’t give a fuck
she honestly thinks
most men suck

except for maybe
a few here and there
she’d rather not bother
she’d rather not care

but that’s a story for another time
now we are talking about
this pissed off rhyme

now we are talking  about
whiners and shit
and why she has to hear all of it

now we are talking about
me’s, my’s and I’s
the takers
the hoarders
and those guys

who are always wanting
right now

but who never seem to
give back
and yet

don’t understand the balance
of life
they only see
their own bubble of strife

that is what this stupid rant is about

now she’s done
she’s over it
aren’t you glad she got that out

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